What does helping someone have to do with our jobs? Listen, no matter where we are we carry the names of our Heroes with us. So we have to make sure we don't do anything to drag those names through the mud.

–Agnes Joubert, Chapter 25

Agnes Joubert
Age Early 30'
Gender Female
Height 173cm
Eyes Green
Hair Dark Blonde
Occupation Producer for Hero TV
Debut Episode 1
All's well that ends well
Seiyū Yuhko Kaida

Tara Platt (English)

Agnes Joubert is the producer for Hero TV. Her top priority is to increase the show's ratings and please her boss and the sponsors, regardless of its impact on the heroes' work.

She leads with much aggression, and focuses on getting the job done. Her work ethics usually contradict with Kotetsu's way of working, as he believes that it's the civilians who matter more than ratings. However, Agnes is very persistent and does whatever she can to get footage for her show to increase ratings. An example of her persistence being displayed is when Barnaby went to fight Jake Martinez, he was still instructed to get footage from his helmet from Agnes.

Nevertheless, Agnes gets her job done, and has proven to be of some help to the heroes, providing new information in times of trouble.

During the Memory Loss Arc, she, along with the heroes and the rest of the staff in Hero TV, had her memory manipulated into believing Kotetsu wasn't Wild Tiger. She announced that police believed that Kotetsu was a wanted criminal responsible for the murder of Barnaby's former maid, Samantha Taylor. It was believed that after everyone's memories were restored, her memory was still wiped when Saito came to talk to her about the situation. In reality, her memory was restored after seeing the ball of light Kaede Kaburagi created using Maverick's power. She was pretending to still be brainwashed in order to avoid Maverick erasing her memory while she was restoring communication with Hero TV. She came at the last minute to record Maverick's confession and revealed to everyone that her memory was restored.

After the year timeskip, she is seen still acting as producer and welcoming the heroes.



  • Agnes's left eye is slightly bigger than her right eye, and slightly lower. The character designer, Katsura Masakazu, said that he chose to do this because he didn't want her to be "the usual anime beauty" that you normally see.