Apollon Media
Sponsored Hero Barnaby Brooks Jr.
Wild Tiger
Golden Ryan (formerly)
CEO Albert Maverick (formerly)
Mark Schneider (formerly)
Statue Griffin

Apollon Media (アポロンメディア), named for the Greek god Apollo, is one of the seven major hero-sponsoring companies in Sternbild City.

It is a media company that manages the OBC channel, which currently runs Hero TV.

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Hero Transport VehicleEdit

Apollon Media provides a transport vehicle for Kotetsu and Barnaby, as well as their bikes. It has a room where their suits are stored and put on by machines, a lounge type room featuring TVs, couches, and a table, and a room for Dr. Saito with some of his equipment which he can use to monitor Kotetsu's and Barnaby's condition via their suits.