Benoit Depardieu
Birthday August 1
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Height 6'1"
Eyes Blue
Hair Red
Debut Episode 16
Truth lies at the bottom of a well
Seiyū Tetsuo Gotō

Kirk Thornton (English)

Benoit Depardieu (ブノワ・バルデュー) is a serial killer who has assaulted and murdered nine women in the past two years. Due to his victims only being women, he is feared and known as the "Lady Killer".


After a civilian reported seeing him, the city's Administration of Justice planned to have the heroes find him before Lunatic could. He appears to target women at strip clubs, paying them in large bills and asking if they want "a spanking." His weapon of choice is a whip which can generate an electric charge.

Kotetsu encounters and confronts Benoit when the latter has a woman cornered on a rooftop. Unfortunately, Kotetsu's powers run out and Benoit escapes after significantly injuring him. Later, at Benoit's usual strip club haunt, Lunatic shows up, who was mistaken to be one of the heroes by Benoit, and kills him despite Benoit's pleas for mercy.