• Nue Renji

    3/19/2018 Update

    March 19, 2018 by Nue Renji

    TIGER&BUNNY Wiki now has a Quote Template! Please submit any quote suggestions on the character's Talk Page with the title "Quote Suggestions" in the following format: |"quote" (character, source)|. If a quote has already been suggested, please add your own suggestion as a reply. You can see an EXAMPLE on these pages: Talk:Fire Emblem, Talk:Wild Tiger, Talk:Kaede Kaburagi.

    Would you like to see tabs in the characters' profiles? You can see an EXAMPLE on Edward Keddy's page.

    Would you like to see an Appearances list section on the characters' pages? You can see an EXAMPLE on Edward Keddy's page.

    Would you like to see a Quotes section on the characters' pages? You can see an EXAMPLE on Edward Keddy's page.

    What are your favorite headcanons and/o…

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  • Nue Renji

    12/20/2017 UPDATE

    December 21, 2017 by Nue Renji

    Ahaha! I got this template thing figured out! TIGER&BUNNY Wiki now has a Quote Template!

    Please submit any quote suggestions on the characters' talk pages titled "Quote Suggestion" in the following format:

    "quote" (character, source)


    "They say a man is made of courage and a woman is made of love. So what does that mean for people who are both? We are invincible!" (Fire Emblem, The Rising)

    The quotes should be said by the character themselves and come from a Canon Source - the series, Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning, Tiger & Bunny: The Rising, one of the Manga, one of the Drama CDs, an in-character interview or something like the Heroes Column Cards, etc.

    I've changed the color of links from blue to yellow and made the pages opaque to make…

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  • Nue Renji

    12/18/2017 Update

    December 18, 2017 by Nue Renji

    12/18/2017 Maintenance Update

    I'm considering changing the colors of pages and links from shades of blue to gray and yellow, respectively, to make reading easier.

    I am still replacing smaller and lower quality images with bigger and high quality versions and adding new images.

    Adding images and information from Tiger & Bunny: The Rising to character pages.

    Replacing the current episode thumbs from previews with the title images from the actually episodes themselves.

    Adding synopses to the episode pages.

    Improving character pages.

    Adding new pages for things like "The Sound of Tiger&Bunny" and in-show things such as Bar Number 06.

    I would like to add information from The King of Works art & data book and the Monthly Hero booklets. If anyone has goo…

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  • Nue Renji

    Maintenance Update

    December 3, 2017 by Nue Renji

    12/03/2017 Maintenance Update

    I've added categories to all the images and have begun to replace smaller and lower quality images with bigger and high quality versions. I'm also adding some new images.

    In the next couple of days I'm also going to start adding images and information from Tiger & Bunny: The Rising to character pages.

    I'm also planning to replace the current episode thumbs with the title images from the actually episodes themselves (the current images are from previews).

    I'll also continue adding synopses to the episode pages.

    I'll try to get through all the character pages that need improvements quickly as well.

    I'll be adding some new pages soon for things like "The Sound of Tiger&Bunny" and in-show things such as "The Hero's Bar"…

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  • Nue Renji

    Some Plans

    November 21, 2017 by Nue Renji

    I've created a new category, "Needs Improvements", and have begun adding pages. I'll try to get to as many of these as I can, but would appreciate any help.

    I plan to start replacing small and low quality images soon.

    I plan on adding a quote to some of the characters' pages. I'm currently only planning to add quotes to the pages of: Kotetsu, Barnaby, Karina, Ivan, Keith, Pao-Lin, Antonio, Nathan, Ryan, Yuri, Edward, Kaede, Tomoe, Muramasa, Anju, and the major antagonists - Maverick, Jake Martinez, Kriem, Mark Schneider, Virgil Dingfelder/Andrew Scott, Johnny Wong, Kasha Graham, Richard Max, and Robin Baxter.

    If you have a suggestion, please make a new post on that character's talk page titled "Quote Suggestion" and give the quote's source. E…

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  • Nue Renji


    November 16, 2017 by Nue Renji

    I've put in an application to become an Admin for Tiger & Bunny Wiki, since we currently have none. I would greatly appreciate any help from more experienced editors, especially those who either are or have been Admins before.

    While the main characters' pages are fairly complete, a lot of other pages need work. I'll be working on it starting this week, including trying to get the Forum up and ready to be used.

    I'm also considering adding quotes to the characters' pages, and would welcome suggestions about it.

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  • Deadeyes234

    Tiger & Bunny Fanfiction

    February 22, 2016 by Deadeyes234

    "Hey, Phantom. You doing anything tonight?" Phantom took her towel off of her sweat covered face to look up at Blue Rose and Dragon Kid in front of her. The two girls were already in their civilian clothes, clean and ready to leave the training room. Phantom set the towel on her right shoulder, leaning back on her hands. She gave them a friendly shrug.

    "Nothing in particular," she replied. "I don't have anything planned except go home and sleep." She stood up off of the bench she was slouched up on, wiping the sweat off of her neck. "Why?"

    Blue Rose looked curiously at her, her left boot working into the floor. "We're just going out to a restaurant, just us girls." Phantom felt a smile tugging at her lips.

    "Alright," she said, turning away. "…

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  • Deadeyes234

    Fanfiction and NEXT Ideas

    February 10, 2016 by Deadeyes234

    Phantom is a shadow controlling NEXT who recently made her big appearance on Hero TV. She is fiery and stubborn, but she can't handle herself when she sees blood. Her work as a hero has taken her mind off of the horrible death her parents suffered when she was just a young child, but unfortunately, the memories and flashbacks will not fade away. She has had a mental break down in the middle of a broadcast, screaming blood murder and turns on the heroes. Wild Tiger can't seem to snap the fierce burnet out of her deadly trance and soon realizes that this was the work of a telepathic NEXT able to manipulate weakened minds.

    Gearhead was a former hero known to the world as Bolt, a NEXT with metal manipulation powers. As most of the heroic NEXTs …

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  • Pof203

    I still can't get over the fact that there are only a few Tiger & Bunny fans left because the anime is over (just when the second dubbed movie will soon premire in America). I don't know if the manga is still going or not, but please, won't someone, anyone, esure me that Tiger & Bunny has not died.

    I don't want to be left in this war tonight

    Am I alone this fight?

    Is anybody out there?

    I don't want be left left in this world behind

    Say you'll run to my side

    Is anybody out there?

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  • Pof203

    Kid Whirlwind

    October 7, 2014 by Pof203

    The following story is a non profit fanbase project. Tiger & Bunny and Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle are property of Sunrise, Viz Media, CLAMP, and Funimation. Please support the official release.

    As 'Syaoran', Kurogane, Fai, and Mokona lifted into the air to depart from Clow, 'Syaoran' and 'Sakura' shouted to each other in unison, "I want to tell you my true name! It's Tsubasa!"

    At this, the two lovers stared at each other in suprise at the discovery of having the same name.

    Before Syaoran knew it, Sakura had disappeared from his sight.

    "You'll see her again, Syaoran," said Fai as he, Syaoran, Kurogane, and Mokona were flying through the vortex.

    "I hope you're right," said Syaoran.

    But as they moved further into the vortex, a powerful force hit …

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  • Pof203

    I got the idea from some fan art I saw on the Internet. I hope you can tell me what you think:

    Arcana: Justice

    Persona: Power

    Arcana: Fortune

    Persona: Fortuna

    Arcana: Chariot

    Persona: Slime

    Arcana: Strength

    Persona: Hanuman

    Arcana: Sun

    Persona: Jatayu

    Arcana: Hermit

    Persona: Nidhoggr

    Arcana: Priestess

    Persona: Ganga

    Arcana: Star

    Persona: Fuu-Ki

    Arcana: Devil

    Persona: Succubus

    Arcana: Moon

    Persona: Girimehkala

    Arcana: Magician

    Persona: Pixie

    Arcana: Lovers

    Persona: Raphael (Jake) or Queen Mab (Kriem)

    Well, that's all of it. I would have also written about their Shadow Selves, but I didn't have the time. It may not be perfect, but that's what I think. Tell me what you think or what the other characters' Arcanas and Personas might be in the comments below. Thank you. …

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  • Pof203

    Fanfiction ideas

    June 7, 2014 by Pof203

    I have some new ideas for some fanfiction. I'd like you to read the plots tell me what you think and tell me what might be your favorite.

    Taking place in an alternate universe, Dojima becomes a wizard in order to avoid becoming a NEXT. After studying in Wales, he returns to Inaba to resume his life. But when strange things start happening in Inaba that attracts the heroes, will Dojima use every magic trick in the book to escape his fate? Even making probationary contracts?

    (I rewrote the plot cause I thought this would be much better.)

    While transporting the villian, Arcade, Sora crash lands on Sternbuild were a magic spell turns him into a NEXT. When he signs to become a superhero to buy parts to fix the Gummi ship, he accidentaly makes Kote…

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  • Henshin1971

    Tiger & Bunny episode

    December 5, 2013 by Henshin1971

    Hello, all. I'm, Henshin1971, a new member of this Wikia. Yoroshiku onegai shima.

    Well, I want to ask something about Tiger & Bunny. Is there a new season of anime Tiger & Bunny or just their new movie, Tiger & Bunny The Rising next year? Also, which episode that Karina Lyle/Blue Rose first time know Kaede is Kotetsu's daughter?

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  • StSeiyaFan

    I just added the English VA's to the T&B wiki


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  • Sandstorm700

    Season 2

    May 5, 2012 by Sandstorm700

    People keep talking about this, but is their realy a season 2 for tiger and bunny comming in the future? Tiger and bunny is the best show, and im ready to watch the movie.

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  • Jedimaster63

    Favorite Characters?

    February 2, 2012 by Jedimaster63

    My favorite is Kotetsu aka Wild Tiger. Here you can post your favorite characters.

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  • Olórin The White

    Article Naming

    August 17, 2011 by Olórin The White

    As I have been looking around the wiki, I have noticed that articles are titled by hero name or villain name, basically by alternate persona. I think they should all be renamed to the character's real name. An alternate persona is just that, an alternate persona. Not their true names.

    Take, for example, Blue Rose, for Karina it is an act, not her real personality. She obviously does not see herself as Blue Rose, she views it as an alternate person. However, her article is titled "Blue Rose" instead of "Karina Lyle". I believe we should rename all articles to reflect this.

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  • Olórin The White


    August 17, 2011 by Olórin The White

    Hello all, I'm Olórin The White, a new editor here. I have recently begun watching the show a week ago, and I was wondering one thing: what is the genre of Tiger & Bunny? I always thought that it was shounen...but I'm not entirely sure, and wikipedia and most other sites do not have the information. I'd like to know other's opinions.

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  • Henchum

    Getting Started

    May 23, 2011 by Henchum

    Hello everyone! You may have noticed I've been makign a bunch of pages. These are a just a way of getting started! PLEASE fix them up for me. I think they should all have details like real names AND aliases, details about powers, visual descriptions, etc. Also, someone should make a page for NEXT but I'm not sure where to start with that one. Hopefully we can make this wiki the top resource for info on Tiger and Bunny!

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