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Blue Rose
Japanese ブルーローズ
Identity Karina Lyle
Nicknames Super Idol
Little Lady (by Fire Emblem)
Rose/Princess (by Golden Ryan)
Super Celebrity of the Heroes
NEXT Power Ice Manipulation (Cryokinesis)
Sponsor Company Titan Industry
Sponsors Pepsi NEX
Age 16 (episodes 1-13)
17 (episodes 14-25)
18 (episode 25 epilogue)
19 (s2 episodes 1-13)
Gender Female
Birthday May 8th[1]
Height 161cm (5'3")
Relatives Christina Lyle (mother)
Eric Lyle (father)
Media Portrayal
Debut Episode 1
All's well that ends well
Seiyū Minako Kotobuki

Kari Wahlgren (English)

Karina Lyle (カリーナ・ライル) AKA Blue Rose (ブルーローズ), is a superhero who still attends school. She lives with her parents and makes use of her heroic feats to boost her career as a singer. She also works as a pianist and singer under her real name at Bar Number 06.


Karina has upper-back length caramel hair, brown eyes and full pink lips. She had two different hairstyles in Season 1 and Season 2:

  • In Season 1, her hair is straight and she has bangs swept to the left side.
  • In Season 2, the tips of her hair is slightly curly and she has bangs hanging over her forehead instead on sideswept.

Season 1[]

Karina wears a dusty-yellow and pink dress that has a few ruffles at the top and the bottom, a brown sleeveless jacket that has fur on the shoulders, a pink/brown and sand-colored beanie, dusty-sand colored detached arm sleeves, brown thigh-high socks and light-brown boots that has buckles and crisscrossed straps on the top.

Season 2[]

Karina wears a white zipper-jacket, a light blue shirt that has long black sleeves and a black neck collar while she has a brown strip on top, a short brown skirt, brown thigh-high socks and ankle-length brown buckled boots.


Karina acts like a typical teenager where she enjoys hanging out with her friends, shopping and fashion. However, her true passion lies in singing and she only became a hero because the company she works for promised to promote her singing career. She is frustrated and initially uncaring towards her duties as a hero though through encouragement and advice from Kotetsu Kaburagi, she decides to be a hero to save people. She is stubborn, impatient, short tempered and not always honest (especially regarding her feelings for Kotetsu), but she is a hard worker and very curious.

She seems to care a great deal about beauty, often applying various facials to ensure her skin is fine and reading fashion magazines. She develops feelings for Kotetsu despite him being twice her age and the fact he is goofy, irresponsible and clumsy. Her feelings are so strong that even after Albert Maverick messes with her and the other heroes' memories she retains her faith in him as a good person. She even goes so far as to read a book about how to win a heart of a single father.

She cares deeply for her friends and will risk her life to save them and trusts them with her life. She seems to be charismatic, partially due to her career as a singer, as she helps bring faith to her friends that Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. will save them.


Series One[]

Heroic Doubts[]

Karina becomes unsure of her direction as a hero as she had only become one as a stepping stone to her ambition for a singing career. Kotetsu Kaburagi questions her attitude toward being a hero and at first, she doesn't bother to listen. He speaks with her following one of her piano performances, urging her to do what makes her happiest. Soon after, she is faced with a critical decision when she is called to replace an ill performer at the same time as a crisis in the city demands the heroes' attention. Karina opts to perform instead of answering the call on her Hero TV communicator. While she is playing, the bar TV shows coverage of the situation with the heroes and she starts to doubt her choice. Ultimately, she leaves the performance early in order to provide the other heroes with much-needed assistance. Having finally reached a satisfactory decision, she repeats what Kotetsu told her: that she intends to be a hero because she wants to save people.

Jake Martinez and a City Held Captive[]

When Sternbild City is overrun with Ouroboros' exosuits, Agnes Joubert breaks up the heroes to ensure maximum citywide coverage. Blue Rose and Dragon Kid are sent to the same area but, like the other heroes, have difficulty defeating the exosuits. Later, once the hero battles against Jake Martinez have begun, Blue Rose, Dragon Kid and Fire Emblem are ultimately sent to deal with the exosuits after their command signals have been jammed.

BTB Formation[]

Following the 10-month timeskip and the increased popularity of Barnaby Brooks Jr. and Wild Tiger, Karina suddenly finds herself stuck performing onstage with the duo. Agnes Joubert tasks her with teaching the appropriate dance moves to the pair, which Karina does somewhat begrudgingly. When Kotetsu accidentally spills a drink on Karina's towel, she ends up with a replacement bearing the name of Liquors Kaburagi. During the concert, a thief breaks into Karina's dressing room and steals her bag, which contains her new towel. Upon discovering the room in shambles, Karina finds herself close to tears over the loss of the towel and realizes that she has developed a crush on Kotetsu. She is subsequently very relieved when the thief is caught and, pulling the towel out of her bag, blurts out that she intends to treasure it forever - much to Kotetsu's confusion.

Mistaken Memories[]

Following Barnaby Brooks Jr.'s mental breakdown and disappearance, Albert Maverick calls the rest of the heroes together for an announcement concerning the future of Hero TV. The announcement meeting turns out to have been a front to allow him to drug the drinks of all those present and manipulate their memories. As a result, Karina's memories are changed so she no longer recognizes Kotetsu Kaburagi as being Wild Tiger. When Kotetsu is subsequently framed for murder, Blue Rose and the rest of the heroes chase him throughout the city. When Kotetsu encounters her, he is nearly able to convince her that he is the real Wild Tiger - until the arrival of a fake Wild Tiger.


Karina is seen at a book store with her classmates, who are ecstatic about the new single her alter ego just released. Karina is secretly reading a book, which Fire Emblem is said to recommend on the cover, on how to win a single dad's heart; even though it's been a long time, Karina's crush hasn't faded. She is later called into action, succeeding in making the arrest of the criminals. She then watches much to her joy and surprise as Wild Tiger makes a return as a Second League hero, chasing Christmas bandits.

The Rising[]

Series Two[]

After catching some criminals, Golden Ryan complains to Robert about their catchphrases and wishes to be promoted more, and his name to be said first when they mention their team. Blue Rose is fine with the changes, but find Ryan to be insecure, but he argues he is just sensitive. That causes Blue Rose to wish to had another partner.

Blue Rose invites Wild Tiger to a coffee shop and reveals that she received a fan letter from Nadia, an elementary school kid who is in hospitals a lot due to her illness. Nadia wished to see Blue Rose and since she also mentioned Tiger is her second favorite hero, Blue Rose asks Tiger if he would like to come with her, to which Tiger agrees.

Few days later, at the training facility, Rose tells Tiger they will be seeing Nadia on 23rd October at the Little Grill restaurant and they should wear their hero suits.

On 23rd October, Rose and Tiger go to the Little Grill and Rose enters first to meet Nadia, however, she can't find anyone inside. Tiger then enters and sees a man who tries to hug Rose from behind. Tiger recognizes him as the dressing room thief and Rose remembers him. The man is annoyed as he only invited Rose and accidentally reveals he is Nadia. As he tried to touch Rose, that creeps her and she screams. Ryan and Barnaby then enter, wondering where the big shots are, but Ryan guesses the man is playing a "criminal" and they are practising for their team up. Rose and Tiger deny, but Ryan doesn't believe it, and leaves. They notice the criminal is gone and Blue Rose asks Ryan to use his power. As he does, the man fails to hold his breath and ends up being revealed.

Later, Rose shows the fan letter to Ryan, making him understand the situation. She tells him that as a person, he has a long way to go, but she respects him as a superhero, and tells him that she will never betray him. Rose then apologizes to Tiger for involving him in the mess, but he says its fine and its good that there was actually no sick child, and wants her to invite him again when she gets the chance.

Due to the attacks by Mugan and Fugan, the heroes have to stay at the training facility and they pack some stuff. Ryan picks Rose and learns that Rose's friend's band is having its debut today at the park, but she won't be able to attend it. Ryan then decides to take her to the park to witness her friend's debut. After the concert, Rose thanks Ryan for taking her to the concert and explains its an old friend of her, but because of her job, she had to skip hanging out with her so many times. Ryan apologizes for his words from yesterday, stating that he felt he needed to protect Rose, but as her partner, he knows the most how strong Rose is. Mugan then appears in the car with them and warps them away. He brings them to the training room where Mugan and Fugan had already started fighting Rock Bison, Magical Cat, Mr. Black and He Is Thomas. Fugan explains they are playing hide-and-seek, but it would be more fun if it was 6 against 2. The heroes are unable to land an attack and eventually Fugan and Mugan notice that Cat is gone and decide to go after her.

Bison asks Rose for a favor and she then goes to distract Mugan and Fugan, who start chasing her. Without Mugan to warp him, Rose and Ryan manage to freeze and knock out Fugan with their abilities. Mugan returns and gets caught in Rose and Ryan's abilities, but barely manages to touch Fugan and warp away to Nicolai Brahe. Not long after that, Mugan and Fugan return stronger and easily defeat Rose, Ryan and Bison. When Fugan and Mugan get defeated and Nicolai dies, Rose and Ryan return to normal.

Golden Ryan starts to having more often dreams of when he went wild. Barnaby goes to meet with Mattia Ingram and they speak on how he recovered and how is Tiger worrying about him all the time. Tiger speaks with Rose while the rest of the heroes are secretly observing them. Ryan comes and wonders what is going on, but they tell him to keep quiet. Tiger then invites Rose for lunch to thank her, and she agrees but recalls she had to meet up with Ryan after the training. Ryan tells them to go and Tiger invites the other heroes. Bison accepts, but the rest pressure him to decline so that Tiger and Rose are alone. As Tiger leaves, the rest wonder why he wants to thank her and she explains she recommended him a book about physical therapy and rehabilitation, which could help Barnaby. As they give her a strange look, Fire Emblem states that probably only Sky High haven't noticed, but he states he knows they are talking about how Rose is in love with Tiger. As she blushes, she denies it and leaves.

When X start appearing, Rose and Ryan are send out along the rest of the heroes to stop them. Later Ryan tells Rose that in the last year, he has been having the same dream over and over. He has been dreaming of his incident while working in Oldhabi. However, after he became buddies with Rose, he started having normal dreams again. Even when he has nightmare, when he wakes up, he feels better thanks to her. Rose explains that she isn't that sad. She wanted Tiger to notice her, but in time she realized that if Tiger sees her the way she wants him to see her, he won't be the same Tiger she fell for. She doesn't know if her feelings for him will vanish or if she will fall for him again, but she is having fun each day, which is thanks to everyone and especially Ryan.

Eventually, Tiger and Barnaby reveal that a NEXT is turning people in X. Hearing that Fire Emblem recalls that Ryan had similar incident, Ryan shares about how a guy that caused his powers to go on a rampage was also one with crazy pompadour and his name is Gregory Sunshine. He adds that by hugging you, he causes the NEXT power to go crazy, but the effects wear off after few hours. Barnaby suggests that his power may have gotten stronger. They show a picture of Gregory to Mattia and he confirms it was him whom he saw in the laboratory and stole the NEXT power amplifying drug. The group get excited they managed to identity the prep, but Ryan explains that Gregory is arrested and is in prison right now. Barnaby decides to trust Mattia. They report to the Major, wanting him to confirm if Gregory is still in prison, but he dismisses their claim, stating that there are no reports of prison breaks.

As they are unable to prove it, soon an order is given that all NEXT would be evacuated in designated areas. All heroes, including Fire Emblem and Sky High have their hero license temporary suspended. They still went after Gregory, but he manages to escape them.

Robert and Titan Industry CEO visit Ryan where the CEO is worried that Ryan may become a rogue hero as he has personal business with Gregory. He asks him not to and go quietly at the evacuation facility, explaining that if he goes rogue, he will be fired and Blue Rose and her family will suffer, as her identity will be exposed. Meanwhile, Blue Rose's mother is sure all will be fine since Little Aurora is coming and is happy that Rose won't be fighting X as that way she won't be in danger.

Little before the evacuation, the heroes receive a call from Agnes. Soon prisoners from Abbas Prison become X and break out. Agnes gives the heroes their suits, but explains that if they act on their own, their hero license will be terminated. Without a second thoughts, the heroes dress up and head out to help the people and capture the X.

Ryan and Rose head towards the prison and figure out that Gregory will be going for the special cells and heads towards them. They face a NEXT who they recognize. As the NEXT start pulling metals towards him, Ryan knocks him down. The NEXT still stands but he is then frozen by Rose. Gregory then shows himself, stating he believed they would have more trouble defeating that NEXT. Gregory then introduces his new bodyguard. A prisoner comes out of his cell and Gregory states its L. L. Audun. Audun then easily defeats Ryan and Rose.

Ryan and Rose soon wake up, and continue helping out people while Tiger and Barnaby fight Audun. After Audun and Sigourney are defeated, following a fan report, Ryan and Rose find and capture Gregory. Later, Tiger tells the heroes that he lost his powers and will be stepping down as a hero. Rose feels down, but Ryan tries to cheer her up.


Kotetsu T. Kaburagi[]

In Karina's opinion, Kotetsu is a rude and lazy klutz with a bad sense of humor. At first she views him as an obnoxious old man with dumb ideals, but after she sees his determination with her own eyes, she decides to become a dedicated hero. Even though Kotetsu is a goof and does some pretty stupid things, she eventually develops feelings towards him. Even the sudden knowledge that he has a young daughter drove her into a state of shock, also the sudden revelation of him not dying during the H-01 attack made her burst into tears and hug him. In the epilogue, it is shown that her love for him is serious enough to make her read a book about how to make a single father (Kotetsu) fall in love.

In Season 2, she's finally cooled off with the infatuation and simply admires Kotetsu. She tells Golden Ryan that if Kotetsu ever accepted her feelings, he wouldn't be the same person to her anymore; so she's fine with being his freind.

Powers and Abilities[]

Ice Manipulation[]

Blue has the power to control and manipulate ice. The majority of the time she uses a pair of "Liquid Freezing Guns" to channel her powers, but she is also able to channel her powers without them. When using her powers without the guns, the infinity symbol appears. Her so-called "Cutie Escape", considered somewhat of a signature technique, involves her sliding down the nearest icy slope to get away from a dangerous situation which Wild Tiger commented that she's just running away like a coward. She hasn't used it as often since deciding to become a more dedicated hero, however.

Aside from her NEXT powers, she is also an excellent singer and pianist. Her dance skills are good enough that she is able to teach Kotetsu and Barnaby Brooks Jr. in a matter of days to perform in sync with her.

Hero Gear[]

HeroTV Communicator[]

Like all the Hero TV heroes, Karina wears a simple "communicator" wristband which Agnes Joubert can use to contact her, usually to inform her of a crime being committed. The other heroes can also use this communicator to call her. Karina's communicator is white with dark blue bands around the edges.

Hero Suit[]

Blue Rose's costume also doubles as her pop-star alter-ego outfit. Her father Eric Lyle doesn't approve of how scantily clad it leaves her. Blue Rose also ties her hair up, having a bit of it hang over the left side of her forehead. Her hat and stockings bear the logo for Pepsi NEX, the latter holding her guns in holsters at her thighs; the logo is also on her gloves. Her gloves have fake nails that look like ice. She ices her hair over to make it that shade of light winter blue, uses some other method to disguise the true colors of her eyes. Two thorned vines protrude from the back of her outfit, and form a heart shape. These vines light up and glow purple, though this is only seen once while she is performing a live concert. The manner in which the costume is designed makes Blue Rose's bust look larger than it actually is.

Hero Suit, PV Version[]

In the series' original PV, Blue Rose's hero suit looks strikingly different from the final version. More of her front but less of her back is covered and the design of her gloves and boots are slightly more complex. The color scheme involves far more white and her hair is worn down in ice-like spikes and waist length.


Blue Rose's bike resembles a cross between a snowmobile and ice skates. It is kept inside her transport vehicle, which can open up into a portable stage.


  • Karina lives in Sternbild's Gold Stage.
  • Karina's strong points are that she is a hard worker, and she is brimming with curiosity.
  • Karina's weak points are that she is impatient, stubborn, and finds it difficult to be honest.
  • Karina's favorite food is sushi.
  • Karina's least favorite food is raw tomatoes.
  • Karina is good at singing, writing lyrics and mathematics.
  • Karina's weaknesses/dislikes are taking advantage of others, memorization, and reptiles.
  • Karina's hobbies are doing karaoke with friends to relieve stress, going to all-you-can-eat cafes, talking to her mother and checking fashion magazines to see what they say about Blue Rose's costume.
  • Karina's future goal is to become an impressive musical artist.
  • Karina's motto is "Happiness depends upon ourselves."

  • The name Karina is a diminutive of the English name Katherine. Its original etymology is debated. In the early Christian era it became associated with Greek καθαρός (katharos) meaning "pure" and the Latin spelling was changed from Katerina to Katharina to reflect this.
  • Karina's surname Lyle is derived from Norman French l'isle meaning "island" and denoted a person who lived on or was from an island.
  • Her full name might intentionally be similar in style to DC's Catwoman, who's name is "Selina Kyle".
  • In the original PV, Karina's name is spelt as "Kalyna Lail". It is unknown if this was her originally intended name, or just a bad mispelling/translation error.
  • Karina's catchphrase is "My ice may be a little cold, but your crime has been put completely on hold!".
  • In Season 1, Karina is the only hero shown to still live with her parents.
  • Karina's dream is to become a famous singer, not a hero.
  • Kaede Kaburagi has Karina's cell phone number.
  • Karina appears as a costume for Celsius from Tales Of Eternia as part of a collab for Tales Of The Rays.
  • As Pepsi NEXT went out of circulation, the sponsorship was changed on Karina's costume to just Pepsi in Tiger & Bunny: The Rising.