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NEXT Power Breathe Underwater
Gender Male
Debut Episode 14
Love is Blind
Seiyū Yu Hayashi

Keith Silverstein (English)

Bombeman (ボンベマン) is one of the Second League heroes who started in Hero TV's new season in NC 1978.


Bombeman first appears with the other Second League heroes in episode 14, in pursuit of "the backstage thief" - a thief obsessed with celebrities who sneaks backstage at various events to steal their personal belongings.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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Bombeman tries to goad a criminal into the water in Tiger & Bunny: The Rising.

His NEXT power is the ability to breathe underwater which severely limits his usefulness in the field. At one point he tries, unsuccessfully, to goad a purse snatcher into fighting him in the water.


His costume consists of an orange and white body suit, a matching mask with green goggle lenses that covers his whole head, matching gloves and orange boots. He also has a black chest piece with a round bronze piece featuring the letter 'B' on the left side, and a grey tube on the right side which goes over his shoulder and attaches to a cylindrical gray tank. He wears a yellow belt and orange metal bracelets and anklets with many wholes, which appear to help him float.



  • He is named for the German word "bombe", which means 'Bomb' in English.
  • His name is similar to Bomberman.