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Pao-Lin Huang, also known as Dragon Kid (ドラゴンキッド, Doragon Kiddo), is a young kung fu fighter armed with a staff and able to produce lightning. Her Chinese-styled uniform includes advertising for Japanese food company Calbee and Japanese website DMM.com. Pao-Lin appears to live with her manager Natasha, who also acts as her legal guardian as her parents still live in China.


In the original Japanese she uses the I/me pronoun 'Boku' to refer to herself - which is used by boys - and hates things she considers 'girly', but still considers herself a girl. In the English dub this is changed to Pao-Lin cursing and Natasha telling her it's 'un-ladylike'.

Throughout the first season she seems insecure about her boyish nature, feeling as though it makes Natasha and her parents unhappy. Between episode 25 and the Rising, with the help of Nathan, she becomes far more comfortable with herself.[4]

This is evidenced by her change in appearance. Pao-Lin now wears her hair in a shorter, more boyish cut. Her taste in clothing also becomes more boyish, having replaced her tracksuit with a tank and shorts. Her formal wear is now a boy's dress suit, instead of a dress.

Pao-Lin likes eating, training, and martial arts. She tends to have trouble understanding what her parents want and feel regarding her, though it is evident she loves them and vice versa. She is dedicated to her hero duties and seems to be good with children. She is also protective of her friends, stubborn, impatient, cheerful, energetic, easygoing and straightforward.


Series One[]

The First Hero Tag-Team[]

Jake Martinez and a City Held Captive[]

False Memories[]

Epilogue & After[]

The Rising[]

Series Two[]

After capturing some criminals, Kid takes care of Magical Cat, giving her variety of liquids with different effects, from replenishing nutrients to recovering from fatigue. They receive a call from Agnes Joubert to help people caught in a fire and capture some robbers. Arriving there, Cat starts putting out the fire. Kid tells her to stay there, while she goes after the robbers. Cat decides to not listen to her and goes after the robbers herself, but eventually ends up falling from a building.

Cat is fine, but needs to spend a few days at the hospital. Zamira comes and blames Kid for the accident as she is taking Cat's chances to demonstrate her talent. Zamira wants Kid to act as a support for Cat, but Kid refuses and states she will be waiting for Cat to continue their training. After Cat is discharged from the hospital, she continues with her training with Kid, but recalls her mother telling her to do so and once a crime happens to ignore Kid and act on her own.

The criminal, Bruno Blaze, starts another fire and Kid and Cat head out to help. As he starts additional fires, Kid wishes they to stay and put the firsts out, but Cat decides to go after him. She ends up finding him in an alley, but as he takes out flame throwers, she gets scared and is unable to create water and runs to hide. Kid comes and helps out Cat. Seeing her trembling, Kid apologizes, saying that she thought she was helping her. She figured out that Cat can't use her power right now and explains she notices it Cat is more strong during training and weaker in actual situations as her power is affected by she being scared or nervous. Kid wanted Cat to follow her and get used to everything little by little. Bruno finds them and shoots flames at them, but the girls manage to dodge. Tiger and Barnaby then appear and Bruno hides. Barnaby notices that Kid has injured her leg and is barely able to move. Tiger asks Cat if she can protect them when Bruno uses his fires, but seeing her expression, he realizes she can't. Tiger then states he will protect the girls, while Barnaby goes and defeats Bruno. Their suits will be able to protect them from the fire for a bit and Tiger trusts Barnaby that he will be able to find Bruno and beat him. Hearing that, Kid asks Tiger and Barnaby to act as a shield, while Cat will put out the flames as she believes in her. Bruno then appears and attacks them. Tiger and Barnaby act as a shield, but Cat is still scared and can't use her power. Kid then calms her down, causing Cat to regain her control over her power and defeats Bruno.

When Bruno gets taken in, Kid wonders if its okay if she starts depending more on Cat and Cat confirms, asking the same thing. Kid tells Tiger that he is the perfect older teammate and watching him today, made her realize she doesn't need to be perfect and can depend on her younger teammate.

When Barnaby gets hurt, Cat is worried as even strong heroes can get hurt. Kid gives her a good luck charm passed down in the Huang Family, which will give her courage.

After Fire Emblem and Sky High end in the hospital. Kid and Origami visit them. There, they are caught by Mugan and Fugan, and end up following them to avoid getting innocent people hurt. Mugan and Fugan take them to an underground subway station, where they end up in an argument and agree that only Mugan will fight right now. Kid engages Mugan in combat, but is unable to hit him. Eventually she manages to cause a shortcut and take the power down. Mugan states it was pointless as the subways have backup power and the light goes back on. Mugan decides to end it, but then sees a second Kid behind him, who captures his arm and electroshocks him. Kid calls Agnes and she connects her to the rest of the heroes. Kid explains they are alright and that one of the perpetrators escaped. The other one is a bit annoying and they are guarding it as his power is to become invisible. Thomas then states that is wrong and his power is warping. Mugan stops crying and confirms, stating he wanted to keep his power more mysterious. He wraps away from Kid and warps behind them, capturing both Kid and Origami, stating it would be more fun to defeat them next time, and then wraps away taking Kid and Origami. Later, they defeat Kid and Origami and petrify them.



Pao-Lin's relationship with her parents is slightly strained, as they have difficulty understanding each other. It is clear that they love her dearly however, and vice versa. They were supportive of Pao-Lin's interest in martial arts, and are very proud of her work as a hero in Sternbild City.

Magical Cat/Lara

Pao-Lin is very protective of Lara and it is very likely that she holds romantic feeling towards her.


Fire Emblem/Nathan Seymour[]

Pao-Lin and Nathan have a close relationship, and Nathan tends to act as a surrogate mother figure to Pao-Lin. Nathan also serves as a role model of sorts, being comfortable with their identity.

Wild Tiger/Kotetsu T. Kaburagi[]

Blue Rose/Karina Lyle[]

Origami Cyclone/Ivan Karelin[]

Ivan and Pao-Lin seem to have a good friendship, despite their age difference. They share a passion for martial arts, which they often practice together.

Powers and Abilities[]

Lightning Manipulation[]

Dragon Kid is an adept martial artist and is skilled at fighting with a staff. She is also able to generate and control electricity. She has been seen electrocuting criminals through direct and range contact, through a conductor such as the metal of a car, and through her metal staff.



Dragon Kid's hero suit consists of a yellow Cheongsam-style tunic and green pumpkin shorts. Her lower arms are covered by large metal guards from just below her elbows to over the backs of her hands. Matching guards cover her legs from mid thigh to ankle, covering the tops of or possibly attaching to her red boots. Her now green hair becomes tied in short ponytail and appeared to be the same regardless of her current hairstyle as a civilian.

Her sponsors are displayed on two large discs held behind her head on either side, attached to a red headband with a pentagonal forehead protector.

Her costume also includes a red metal staff that she can use in battle. Each end is topped with a gold colored metal dragon, which face opposite directions. In Season 2, her suits contains a "Lighting Mode" feature, whereby some yellow part of it lights up when her powers are active.

HeroTV Communicator[]

Like all the Hero TV heroes Pao-Lin wears a simple "communicator" wristband which Agnes can use to contact her, usually to inform her of a crime being committed. The other heroes can also use this communicator to call her. Pao-Lin's communicator is white with yellow bands around the edges.



from Tiger & Bunny - The Rising - King of Works[]

  • She lives in Sternbild's Bronze Stage.
  • Her strong points are that she is cheerful, straightforward, and has perfect teeth (zero tooth decay).
  • Her weak points are that she is slightly too energetic where there is room to be idle, and her normal body temperature is too high.
  • Her favorite food is dumplings.
  • Her least favorite foods are sweet & sour pork and pineapple on pizza.
  • She's good at sports and finding high quality but cheap goods.
  • Her weakness/dislike is getting dressed up.
  • Her hobbies are running 10 kilometers (about 6 miles), a usual number of 250 push-ups and sit-ups, practicing stick fighting, and watching anime.
  • Her future goal is to make dumplings as well as her mother.
  • Her motto is "Stay happy and healthy".