The Audio Dramas are short scenes which are included with the blu-ray releases. Each blu-ray contains a special CD with a single audio drama which tends to focus on the hero pictured on that blu-ray's cover.

Title Release Date
Audio Drama 1: We Were Young Back Then May 27, 2011
Audio Drama 2: OBC Radio Station Presents "Blue Rose's Midnight Ice Cream!!" June 24, 2011
Audio Drama 3: Welcome to the Apollon Media Hero Division! July 22, 2011
Audio Drama 4: I Was Young Back Then, Too August 26, 2011
Audio Drama 5: Limited Time Offer! The New Combo, Rose & Dragon September 22, 2011
Audio Drama 6: Yuri Petrov's Melancholy Daily Life October 26, 2011
Audio Drama 7: Editor-in-Chief Heroes, It's Time for a Meeting! November 25, 2011
Audio Drama 8: S.B.P.D. 8th Branch Office December 22, 2011
Audio Drama 9: Kaede's Independent Research Project "Our Heroes" January 27, 2012