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Fire Manipulation(火を操る, Hi o ayatsuru) which can also be referred to as Pyrokinesis, is a NEXT ability which grants the user control over fire.

The user is able to generate flames and shape them to any specification. These flames are generally conjured through the user's hands and can be fired much like a bullet from a gun. Fire Emblem often creates compressed balls of fire for just that purpose. The user is able to adjust the intensity of their flame, as well as limit the effected area to their choosing. It appears the user is unable to affect naturally-occurring fire or fire produced by another NEXT's ability.

A variation on this ability is Lunatic's Blue Flame (青い炎, Aoi honoo). In this variation, the flames are more intense and take on a blue-green hue. They are capable of burning a normal human being to death in a matter of seconds and heavily injuring even a Hundred Power user. These flames have also been shown acting in the capacity of a rocket booster, allowing the user to fly if perpetually launched in the opposite direction.

The Ability in Action[]