Fire is a good servant, but a bad master
Japanese Title 火は従順なしもべだが、悪しき主人でもある
Hi wa jūjunna shimobe da ga, ashiki shujin demo aru
Episode Number 6
Air Date May 8, 2011
Opening Theme Orion o Nazoru
Ending Theme Hoshi no Sumika
Fire Emblem, Wild Tiger, Lunatic, Agnes Joubert, Barnaby Brooks Jr.
Episode 5
Go For Broke!
Episode 7
The wolf knows what the ill beast thinks


A group of prisoners are mysteriously burned to death in their cells in the middle of the night. As the only known powerful NEXT with pyrokinesis, Fire Emblem is the only suspect. Agnes Joubert summons Kotetsu and Nathan to the prison to clear Nathan's name. Kotetsu is attacked on his way home, and he and Nathan team up to investigate the mysterious new pyrokinetic NEXT. Meanwhile, Barnaby works an investigation of his own.