Hundred Power (ハンドレッドパワー) is a NEXT ability which increases the user's physical capabilities (strength, speed, endurance, jumping ability, etc.) a hundred fold for a span of 5 minutes. After those 5 minutes, the user must rest for one hour before activating the power again. Hundred Power boosts a user's endurance to an extent that a bullet wound to the chest at point-blank range only barely breaks the skin and doesn't cause any major damage. Even the effects of being smashed into concrete or struck with a flaming crossbow arrow are greatly reduced while this power is active.

At one point, Wild Tiger seemingly uses this ability to heal his own critical injuries, but in reality Hundred Power may, at most, only be able to speed up cell reproduction to aid in recovery. It can also boost the user's hearing to enable them to hear faint sounds a considerable distance away, even during a downpour.

Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr, who possess this ability, are the only two heroes known to have the same power at the same time. Kaede Kaburagi is also able to use this ability for a short time, after copying it from her father by touching him.

Hundred Power is the only NEXT ability given a specific name.

The Ability in ActionEdit

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