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Hundred Power (ハンドレッドパワー) is a NEXT ability which increases the user's physical capabilities (strength, speed, endurance, agility, durability, etc.) a hundred times for a span of 5 minutes. After those 5 minutes are up, the user must rest for 1 hour before they can use it again. In the case of L. L. Audun, however, his Hundred Power could be used again after just 1 minute of rest. Hundred Power is also the only power that has been shown to be able to disappear over time.

Hundred Power can boost the user's durability to such an extent that even a bullet fired point-blank into their chest can barely break the skin, let alone cause any major damage. Even the effects of being smashed into solid concrete or being struck with a flaming crossbow arrow become greatly reduced while the ability is active.

At one point, Wild Tiger seemingly uses this ability to recover from his own critical injuries, but in reality Hundred Power may only be able to speed up cell reproduction to aid in recovery. The added benefit of this "healing" is lesser injuries are removed and no longer pain the user; however, deep or severe wounds are only partially healed and can still cause them pain (ex. Tiger could move like normal, but the injury to his side kept acting up).

Hundred Power can also boost the user's hearing and eyesight (and likely their other senses as well) enabling them to hear faint sounds from a considerable distance away, even during a downpour, as well as being able to spot incredibly small objects. In these instances, the Hundred Power is shown to be far more versatile then one might think.

Wild Tiger, Barnaby Brooks Jr, Mr. Legend, and L. L. Audun are all known to have Hundred Power. Kaede Kaburagi was also capable of using this ability for a short time after copying it from her father.

Hundred Power is the only NEXT ability given a specific name.

The first novel confirms that Mr. Legend's NEXT power was also Hundred Power, in the narrator's own words: "Mr. Legend, his Hundred Power activated, retrieves a stolen precious cultural artifact. The symbol of peace, the Statue of Justice."


  • Technically the Hundred Power can be used 23 times a day (5 min duration and 1 hour recovery) or if the NEXT remains conscious, they can continue into the next day.
  • Hundred Power is currently the only power named that is known to run out/fade away. This usually occurs in the user's mid/late 30's. It is unknown how a user can avoid their powers running out by that age, but it is possible.
  • It's possible Hundred Power is related to hormones. Given testosterone would be lessening by the 30s for men, that is one theoretical explanation for it being known to run out.
  • Currently, Hundred power can be considered one of the more common powers, as a total of 4 named characters have had this power. However, this is only an assumption.

The Ability in Action[]