J. G. Benjamin
NEXT Power ???
Gender Male
Debut Episode 6
Fire is a good servant, but a bad master
Seiyū Daichi Endo

J. G. Benjamin was a NEXT and a serial killer who murdered twenty women over a period of ten years.


Due to his being a NEXT felon, he was placed in a special prison cell where his NEXT powers are nullified. While serving his 250-year sentence, he was diagnosed with a mental illness and later died. He appeared to have been a member of Ouroboros, and was the one Barnaby questioned several years prior to the series' start at a trial. There, Benjamin appeared in a straight jacket and was hardly able to speak coherently.

His NEXT powers have not yet been revealed.


  • In the episode where he first appears, the credits list him as simply "Benjamin." It isn't until episode 9 that his full name is revealed.