Lionel Hawke
Nicknames The Backstage Thief
NEXT Power Invisibility
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Blonde
Debut Episode 7
The wolf knows what the ill beast thinks
Seiyū Ben Diskin (English)

Lionel Hawke is a NEXT with the ability to turn invisible.


He first appeared as a fill in for Barnaby, but was replaced with Blue Rose.

He then made another appearance as the "backstage thief" which gave the Second League heroes a run for their money because no one was able to capture him. Kotetsu finally managed to chase him down, allowing him to be captured by Rock Bison.


His power depends on how long he can hold his breath. In episode 14, it also showed that his power allowed him to turn anything he came into contact with invisible, as the bike he was attempting to escape on also vanished.