Identity Yuri Petrov
Nicknames Sanctioner with Blue Flames
NEXT Power Blue and Green Flames
Gender Male
Height 188cm (6'2")[1]
Eyes Pale Green
Hair Gray
Relatives Mr. Legend (father; deceased)
Origa Petrov (mother)
Debut Episode 1
All's well that ends well
Seiyū Kōji Yusa
Junko Minagawa (young)

Liam O'Brien (English)

Yuri Petrov (ユーリ・ペトロフ) is a judge for Sternbild City’s Administration of Justice as well as the TV heroes' curator. He is also the vigilante "dark hero" known as Lunatic (ルナティック) and believes that in order for true peace to prevail all criminals or sinners must receive punishment equal to their crimes or sins. Thus, all murderers must die to atone for having killed someone.


As a child, Yuri's sense of justice was shaped by his father, the famous superhero Mr. Legend, who told him never to turn a blind eye to evil. Once Legend's powers began to fade, he drowned himself in alcohol and became abusive towards Yuri's mother. One day, witnessing his father beating his mother, Yuri pushed himself to "not turn a blind eye to evil" as he had been taught and tried to stop it. His father shoved him away and Yuri's dormant NEXT Powers activated for the first time. When Yuri stopped his father's arm to prevent further harm to his mother, the arm burst into blue-green flames. Legend grabbed Yuri's face and head with his flaming arm, leaving a reddish burn scar, and more flames erupted from Yuri's eyes - burning his father to death.


Series OneEdit

Although Judge Yuri Petrov may have made an appearance prior to this, Lunatic starts making his presence known in episode 6, when murderers start to mysteriously die in extremely strong blue-green fires - particularly ones that are in prison. As the arc spans until episode 8, Lunatic's intentions are ever more mysterious. He was first thought to have a connection to Ouroboros, a criminal syndicate, because one of the men he killed had the group's tattoo. However, it soon becomes clear that this isn't the case.

In episode 7, Lunatic speaks, mocking the heroes and their sense of justice, calling it 'weak and frail' and deeming them 'pitiful heroes who can't save or or punish anyone.' He proceeds to tell them that he will show them 'true justice' and introduces himself as: "My name is Lunatic. I follow my own code of justice." Kotetsu (Wild Tiger) accuses him of simply committing murder, to which Lunatic only responds that this accusation was interesting and that he would remember Wild Tiger. After burning most of the surroundings and criminals, clashing with the heroes, and refusing to answer any questions, he flees, disappearing, much to the frustration of Barnaby.

We later see in the same episode a close-up look of Judge Yuri Petrov, apparently exiting the sole surviving criminal's hospital room. Barnaby thanks him for his work and Judge Petrov responds that it's simply part of his job and to let him know if there's anything else he can do to help.

In episode eight, Sternbild is in uproar over Lunatic, with most of the people appearing to find his code of justice very appealing. Favorable reviews about him appear on the news, including commentary from former heroes such as Stealth Soldier. It gets to the point that people are starting to question the necessity of having heroes at all. This is enough to cause concern for what appears to be the influential people or upper management of Sternbild. Judge Yuri Petrov actually raises the issue of doing something about Lunatic himself at the meeting, claiming that the Justice Bureau does not approve of capital punishment.

We learn for certain that Lunatic is not connected to Ouroboros, as he tries to kill the accidental murderer and former friend of Ivan (Origami Cyclone), Edward Keddy. His code extends indiscriminately towards all murderers, regardless of affiliation. However, he also states that senseless killing is against his principles. When Ivan tries to save his friend by taking his appearance and place, Lunatic correctly guesses which is the true Edward and aims at him, stating that all sinners are cowards. When Ivan blocks his aim, he concludes that those who help criminals are also criminals themselves, but Kotetsu and Barnaby come into the fray, exchanging blows with Lunatic. While unresponsive to inquiries about Ouroboros, Lunatic does tell them that he has no desire to fight heroes, only giving murderers what they deserve, according to his own justice. Kotetsu retorts that his idea of justice is arresting idiots like Lunatic, and after exchanging punches that cracked Lunatic's mask, Lunatic tells him he'll see where Kotetsu's sense of justice leads him and leaves. We later see him sitting down with his damaged mask off at a table, drinking a beverage and researching Wild Tiger.

Since this episode, Yuri appears to blend into the background, particularly during Jake's arc, where he spends most of his time as Judge Petrov rather than Lunatic, simply observing the situation and apparently staying true to his word to 'see where [Wild Tiger's] justice leads him'.

However, in episode 16, this changes. We are allowed a sneak peek into Yuri's past, his history with his father, Legend, and how he killed him when he came into his NEXT powers while his drunken father was beating his mother. We are also shown that he is living now with his imbalanced mother who still believes his father is alive and that Yuri is a teenager-- and the ghost of his father haunting him, asking him if he truly believes that what he did was the right thing.

At the start of the episode and after seeing the ghost of his father after a nightmare about his past, Lunatic goes after a criminal called Mr. Hopper, who, strangely, as we see in the file Yuri brings up, is not a murderer at all, with only counts of robbery and kidnapping against him. He is, however, according to the announcer, suspected of murder, as well as robbery. The announcer's mention of Barnaby breaking Legend's record appears to affect Yuri, right before he stands up and presumably prepares to change into Lunatic. But after encountering Wild Tiger, he apparently realizes something, calling it a joke and jumping off the building to disappear in flames. He does not spare the Lady Killer, however, who does have several counts of murder, going after him in one of the hostess bars that the killer frequents and killing him outright, despite surrender and protests from the criminal that heroes didn't kill people. Right before he delivers the killing shot, he tells the Lady Killer that he made two mistakes - one, that Lunatic was not a hero, and the other, that Lunatic follows his own code of justice.

His next crucial appearance is in episode 21 when, in the midst of a city who believed Kotetsu was a murderer, Lunatic intervened and saved him from both his former colleagues and the false Wild Tiger. In his normal persona as Judge Petrov, he had apparently run a search on Kotetsu and Wild Tiger, finding all records gone or inaccessible and thus making his decision. Arriving in the alley where Kotetsu has been cornered, he announces that passing judgement on those who are truly sinful is his idea of justice and that letting Kotetsu be captured by 'false justice' is against his beliefs. After having made it clear that he doesn't believe Kotetsu is the murderer, he helps him to escape by blocking the others with his flames, asking Kotetsu if he will let his justice end here.

Lunatic appears at the end of episode 25, where he murders the recently captured Albert Maverick on his way to incarceration.


Origa Petrov (Mother)Edit

As a result of the events surrounding Legend's death, Yuri's mother is traumatized and acts as though her husband is still alive and her son is still a child. Whenever Yuri reasserts the truth of reality, she goes into a hateful rage. She insists that Mr. Legend was only going through a rough time and believes that Yuri ruined everything. For his part, Yuri seems frustrated by his mother's tendency to avoid reality and addresses her very coldly. She seems to emotionally (and attempts to physically) abuse him, screaming at him and throwing plates at him as well.

Mr. Legend (Father)Edit

As a child, Yuri originally looked up to his father. His sense of justice was shaped by Legend telling him never to turn a blind eye to evil - which led to Yuri eventually viewing him as an "evil" person and killing him. Yuri's feelings toward his father are complicated. He occasionally has visions of Legend asking "was killing me truly the right thing to do?", a possible sign that he is plagued by a sense of guilt for causing his father's death.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He is able to produce and manipulate blue-green flames which can easily overpower Fire Emblem's flames - likely due to their being hotter. He can use his flames to propel himself in a way similar to Sky High's jetpack, and is able to burn through walls with them. He uses a crossbow to launch attacks at a longer range, shaping his flames into arrows to use as ammunition. The flames which appear around his eyes seem to be connected to his emotions and appear mainly when he is angry.

It is possible that Yuri's flames don't burn indiscriminately and he is able to adjust what and how far they burn. When he passes through a wall in episode 16, only the small space through which he steps burns and the rest of the wall remains intact. The same is true of his cape burning off - the flames don't affect the rest of his costume. The same episode also reveals that he can disappear into a burst of flames into thin air while jumping off a building, raising the possibility that he can turn himself into flame-- which may also explain how he managed to squeeze his entire body into such a small hole that he burned in the wall (evidence of the burn appears to disappear once he steps out, though it may be an animation mishap). Additionally, scorch marks don't seem to appear when he burns the ground. Even when his powers first awaken, his flames envelop only Legend's arm to the elbow, and it is likely that the reason Yuri received a scar from the incident was because he didn't have complete control over his NEXT powers yet.


Lunatic 3816

Lunatic's outfit is mostly iconic because of his mask, and his cape that burns away when he prepares to fire.



from Tiger & Bunny - The Rising - King of WorksEdit

  • His living location is listed as "undisclosed".
  • His strong points are that he is cool, calm, and collected.
  • His weak points are that he is lacking in the spirit of cooperation, out of touch with fashion, and bad at singing.
  • His favorite food is sugar.
  • His least favorite food is mushrooms.
  • He's good at human analysis and jigsaw puzzles.
  • His weaknesses/dislikes are idle chat and smalltalk.
  • His hobbies are music appreciation, conversing with his houseplant, jigsaw puzzles, and caregiving.
  • His future goals are to eradicate evil and to complete a 5000 piece puzzle.
  • His motto is "In this world, there is no animal as heinous as a human. Even wolves aren't cannibals, yet humans swallow each other alive."


  • The original concept for Lunatic's costume resembled a "grim reaper" theme. Instead of green, blue, gray, and black, the color scheme was black, neon pink and neon green, with purple, yellow, and orange patches on the cape. Instead of a crossbow, he carried a scythe-like weapon.
  • In his Lunatic persona, he avoids using names unless its his victim being spoken to; likely a precaution since he has access to the heroes' real identities.


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