A manga adaptation of Tiger & Bunny drawn by Hiroshi Ueda and written by Erika Yoshida. It was serialized in Shueisha's Miracle Jump. The series started in October 2011 and ended in issue 10/2016. Miracle Jump was a bi-monthly until it went on hiatus, then the magazine underwent a renewal in 2013. It came back from hiatus in April 2014 as a monthly magazine.


Volume 1Edit

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Volume 6Edit

  • #30: Time will take care of the rest...?
  • #31: unsung hero
  • #32: Love is the reward of love.
  • #33: Every jack has his Jill.
  • #34: The eye will be where the love is.
  • #35: One good turn deserves another.
  • #35.5: A sound mind in a sound body.

Volume 7Edit

  • #36: Do your best and leave the rest to Providence.
  • #37: Apperances are deceptive.
  • #38: It is no use crying over spilt milk.
  • #39: Everything has an end.
  • #40: Everything results from you daily actions.
  • #41: Tomorrow is sure to come.
  • #41.5: It is not possible to come round and to encounter it if never separating.