Memory Implantation (他者に記憶を植えつける, Tasha ni kioku o uetsukeru) is a NEXT ability which allows the user to manipulate others' memories. This NEXT power only appears able to alter existing memories and not create entirely new ones. Rather, it acts akin to sealing away real memories or layering similar ones on top. Even the slightest bit of contradiction (such as the photograph of Samantha and young Barnaby, or the lack of an Ouroboros tattoo on Jake's hand) can cause the true memory to surface.

The ability itself manifests as a glowing white-colored ball of light. Most often, Albert Maverick uses this ability at close range while physically touching a target, but when Kaede Kaburagi copies his powers, she unleashes them in a large burst which effects anyone looking at it - even through a TV screen. The ability appears to require that the target be immobilized, as Maverick always drugs his intended targets and the heroes affected by Kaede's version of the ability were all standing still.

The Ability in ActionEdit