Mr. Hopper
NEXT Power Hyper Jumping
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Debut Episode 16
Truth lies at the bottom of a well
Seiyū Yoshihisa Kawahara

Mr. Hopper (Mr.ホッパー) is a criminal with a grasshopper theme.


His criminal activities are mainly focused on cash robbery. He breaks into many houses late at night and escapes by jumping straight to the top of tall buildings.

His past criminal records include two counts of bank robbery, one count of robbery and kidnapping, one count of home invasion, and 12 counts of Code Fraud.

He is later captured by Barnaby live on Hero TV who just in time saved him from being killed by Lunatic.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Mr. Hopper's NEXT powers allow him to jump several feet into the air. It's believed to be "Hyper Jumping".