Mr. Legend



Mr. レジェンド
NEXT Power Unknown
Gender Male
Eyes Dark blue
Hair Pale blond
Relatives Origa Petrov (wife)
Yuri Petrov (son)
Debut Episode 2
A good beginning makes a good ending
Seiyū Jūrōta Kosugi

Kyle Hebert (English)

Mr. Legend was Sternbild City's first NEXT hero when Hero TV first debuted years ago. He was the one who inspired Kotetsu to accept his powers and use them to protect people. He was killed by his son, who became the vigilante Lunatic.


In the past, he genuinely enjoyed being a hero and being a good person who saved others and stopped evil. He passed this trait onto his son Yuri, often telling him that he needed to become a good strong person so he could confront evildoers and stop them in their tracks. He was Kotetsu's inspiration to become a hero.

However, when he started losing his powers, his company staged it so that other heroes would capture the criminals and give Legend the credit.

This hurt his pride as he felt people were counting on him and he could not meet their expectations and was no longer the hero he used to be. He began to drink heavily and grew physically abusive towards his wife and child.


Sometime after saving Kotetsu from bank robbers, he lost his NEXT powers. Ben revealed that after Legend lost his powers, all his arrests were staged. The heroes of that time would corner the criminals and allow Legend to take all the credit. The higher ups also erased any arrest records that made him look bad, explaining why there was no record of Jake Martinez. Because of this Legend was very troubled and drowned himself in alcohol. When he returned home, he'd beat his wife.

One day, while he was beating his wife, his son tried to stop him. After Legend knocked him back, Yuri's NEXT powers awoke for the first time as he moved to stand between his mother and father. When Yuri grabbed Legend's arm, his new powers activated and set it on fire. Legend was initially surprised but just laughed and grabbed Yuri by the face, giving Yuri a large, hand-shaped burn over most of his face. As Legend squeezed Yuri's head his new powers flaired again, and accidentally burn Legend to death. This event leaves Origa and Yuri traumatized, and gave birth to Lunatic's twisted view of justice.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Legend's ability most likely had something to do with vibration or repulsion, as when he used it to push the robbers back everything around him shook. He was also seen using his power to make bullets bounce off his chest.

In his first appearance he entered a bank through a high upper window, so its presumed he could jump rather high. His power did not seem to be Hundred Power, as he had no time limit.

Legend seems to have been in good condition, as he was able to land on his feet after jumping through a second story window without showing any trouble. He also captured Jake Martinez, who had been able to beat every hero he fought (excluding Barnaby), meaning his power may have been superior to both Jake's power to read minds and his use of barriers for both defense and offense.


Mr Legend 128

Mr. Legend's costume is similar to Bucky's, with a cape. Besides that, it seems very simple and resembles a suit or uniform.

Mr. Legend's costume had no logos on it, suggesting that that the sponsor craze started sometime between his retirement and Kotetsu's debut ten years prior to the series.


Mr. Legend also had a car that he used to reach crime scenes. The paint job matched his costume.