Ms. Violet
NEXT Power Poisonous Fingernails
Gender Female
Eyes Brown
Hair Green
Debut Episode 14
Love is Blind
Seiyū Toshimi Kanno

Tara Sands (English)

Ms. Violet (Ms.バイオレット) is one of the Second League heroes who started in Hero TV's new season in NC 1978. She appears to be the most competent of the Second League heroes.


Ms. Violet first appears with the other Second League heroes in episode 14, in pursuit of "the backstage thief" - a thief obsessed with celebrities who sneaks backstage at various events to steal their personal belongings.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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Her NEXT power is the abilty to shoot her fingernails at people, which are poisonous. She claims that the poison should be potent enough to immobilize their target, but so far they only seem to make the culprit slightly itchy.



Ms. Violet's costume consists of a sleeveless, backless high cut purple leotard with green hems and matching thigh high purple and green boots. She also has a purple visor with silver ear coverings, black and green fingerless gloves, and round silver shoulder shoulder pads. Her leotard has a green wing outlined in yellow on the chest and a green tail attached at the rear, with four smaller wing-like shapes on either side.

Her hair style and accessories resemble an owl.