Muramasa Kaburagi
鏑木 村正
Kaburagi Muramasa
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark brown
Occupation Liquors Kaburagi Proprietor
Relatives Anju Kaburagi (mother)
Kotetsu T. Kaburagi (younger brother)
Kaede Kaburagi (niece)
Tomoe Kaburagi (sister-in-law)
Debut Episode 17
Blood is thicker than water
Seiyū Masahiko Tanaka

Kirk Thornton (English)

Muramasa Kaburagi (鏑木 村正, Kaburagi Muramasa) is Kotetsu's older brother who is aware of the latter's NEXT power and work as a hero in Sternbild City.

He owns and operates a local liquor store in Oriental Town.

Personality Edit

Muramasa has a stern, serious personality that contrasts with his younger brother.


When Kotetsu goes to Oriental Town to visit his family and collect his thoughts, he is initially unwilling to tell them that anything is wrong. While having a drink at his liquor store, Muramasa tells Kotetsu that he and their mother know that something is bothering him. He says that Kotetsu has always tried to keep things to himself since he was a kid, and that it's a bad habit. After Kotetsu tells him the truth Muramasa tries to comfort him, but also charges him for his drink.

When Kotetsu is framed Muramasa tells their mother that he's not too worried about him, and he's sure Kotetsu will be able to "clear it up".

In Tiger & Bunny: The Rising Muramasa is worried about Kotetsu after he's replaced by Ryan Goldsmith and calls him.

Muramasa goes with Kaede and his mother to visit Kotetsu in Sternbild and to attend the Justice Festival.


Kotetsu KaburagiEdit

Muramasa often worries about his younger brother due to his job, as well as his "bad habit" of trying to keep his problems to himself so as not to burden others.

Anju KaburagiEdit

Muramasa has a good relationship with his mother, appearing to live with her, and telling Kotetsu that a man his age shouldn't worry his mother so much.

Kaede KaburagiEdit

Muramasa often helps his mother take care of Kaede, especially when her NEXT Powers begin to develop.



  • In his King of Works profile, one of Kotetsu's goals for the year is "to get [Muramasa] a second marriage".