Origa Petrov
Gender Female
Eyes Green
Hair Gray
Relatives Mr. Legend (husband)
Yuri Petrov (son)
Debut Episode 16
"Truth lies at the bottom of a well"
Seiyū Kari Wahlgren (English)

Origa Petrov is the widow of the late Mr. Legend and the mother of Yuri Petrov.


When Mr. Legend's powers began to decline he began to take out his frustration over his situation on Origa through physical abuse.

One day, Yuri tried to stop him, and accidentally killed him in the process when his dormant NEXT Powers suddenly activated for the first time. The incident left them both traumatized.

Origa currently lives with her son, who she resents for killing his father. She has delusions that her husband is still alive, carrying full conversations with him. When these delusions are interrupted and she is reminded that her husband is dead, she becomes violent - throwing things and screaming. She continues to insist that Legend was just going through a rough time and didn't really mean it when he hit her.