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From now on, I won't just stay in the background!

–Origami Cyclone, Episode 08

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Origami Cyclone
Japanese 折紙サイクロン
Identity Ivan Karelin
Nicknames Hidden Hero
Expert of Being Seen in the Background
Origami-Senpai (By Barnaby Brooks Jr.)
Toilet Paper Soft Breeze (Self-deprecating Hero Name)
NEXT Power Shapeshifting
Sponsor Company Helperides Finance
Sponsors .ANIME
Katsuya Takasu's clinic
NAM-Chara Oendan
Bandai Visual Club
Sunshine City
お〜いお茶 (Oi Ocha)
Bandai Candy
Age 18 (s1 episodes 1-13)
19 (s1 episodes 14-25)
20 (s1 episode 25 epilogue)
21 (s2 episodes 1-13)
Gender Male
Birthday September 19th[1]
Height 170 cm. (5'7")[2]
Relatives unnamed parents
Media Portrayal
Debut Episode 1
All's well that ends well
Seiyū Nobuhiko Okamoto
Michael Sinterniklaas

Gabriel Noya(Brazilian Portuguese)

Ivan Karelin (イワン・カレリン), alias Origami Cyclone (折紙サイクロン), is a hero who wears a kabuki themed ninja/samurai inspired costume. At first Ivan mostly appears in the background of photos and broadcasts to please his sponsors. As the show continues Ivan decides to be a more active hero even though he feels his powers aren't made for combat. He assists in evacuations, makes sure the citizens are safe, and actively participates in taking down criminals with his weapons and martial arts.


Origami Cyclone initially appears as a hyperactive outgoing person in costume though he never participates in battles and usually just stands in the background due to the fact his abilities aren't great for combat. However, in reality Ivan is shy, insecure, and negative. He only acts outgoing for the cameras.

He believes that his powers are not good for combat and that he does not deserve to be a hero, especially since he didn't help his friend Edward. It is revealed in the episode There is Always a Next Time that Ivan's powers are shapeshifting, and he can mimic objects and people. He has an uncanny ability to recreate someone's voice, though this does not appear to naturally be part of his power.

After some encouragement from Kotetsu, Ivan decides to become a more active hero. He begins to utilize his equipment (such as his swords and giant shuriken) in battle and manages to find creative ways to use his powers, such as disguising himself as a hostage and then attacking the captor[3], and helping civilians get to safety. He even finds the courage to disguise himself as Hans Chuckman to infiltrate Jake Martinez's hideout. He has become more courageous and selfless, but retains a sort of melancholy and nervous personality. He also opens up more to the other heroes, becoming good friends with them. He is loyal and will stand by his friends in battle. However, he has expressed his belief that he is still not much of a hero because he has to use sneak tactics on his opponents, believing it isn't very noble or just.


Ivan once attended the Hero Academy alongside his best friend Edward Keddy. Unlike Edward, however, he was a poor student and had no confidence in his abilities. One day when they were off campus, they happened upon a large crowd surrounding a hostage situation. Edward decided to use his NEXT ability to apprehend the criminals, but was unable to convince Ivan to help. Even when Edward's attempt led to a worse situation, Ivan was too frightened and self-conscious to act. Though he ended up becoming a hero, Ivan continued to feel guilt for Edward ending up in prison, without a future. Soon after the events of Season 2, Ivan bought a Nintendo Switch because Best Buy had a GODLY deal this one friday, but to his dismay, they were all sold out of Ring Fit... Then suddenly, he caught a glimpse of a HOLY game that gave him the effect that one would normally exhibit in a card game shonen-anime, where time suddenly stops and the product on the store shelf in question spoke to him, like how Diseny speaks to its audience. Ivan asked the broski at the Best Buy counter and he told him the name of the game, it was "MONSTER HUNTER RISE". The game's highly distinguishing "Ninja" aesthetics vibed greatly with him. Ivan threw his monies at the guy, and exclaimed that he NEEDED the game, just like how humanity NEEDS a season 3 of K-On. The broski at the counter was moved to tears at Ivan's understanding of the state of this world where people start fights in shopping malls over toilet paper day in and day out.. "If only.. If only we could put aside our differences and learn to share our toilet paper, our world.. because just like how these TP fights destroy the aisles at Best Buy, not having a season 3 of K-On destroys this world.. no matter how many times I clean up the fights.. people are non hesitant to repeat these tragedies". Shop counter broski-kun told Ivan "Don't worry man, this game's on me! Go! Don't let my Best Buy trauma dump hold you! Be free! The world is in need for an awesome visionary like you! Run home Charlie! Run homeeee!" and from that point on, Ivan's adventures in the World of Monster Hunter began


Series One[]

Edward's Revenge[]

Following the appearance of Lunatic the public's opinion of heroes dropped significantly and, in an effort to change that, the heroes are sent to do good around the city. Ivan, Kotetsu and Barnaby are sent to Hero Academy to speak to the students. As Ivan has no real battle experience, he can only try teaching the students how to make the most of advertising by frequently appearing on camera - something that none of them care about. After watching Kotetsu speak with a group of students who possess NEXT powers which were very ill-suited for battle, Ivan asks the veteran hero to look at his power as well. Though Kotetsu is at first enthusiastic about Ivan's capabilities after Ivan transforms into him, he becomes significantly less so upon learning that Ivan's NEXT power only copies another person's appearance, and not their abilities.

Later, Ivan encounters Edward at a statue on campus beneath which they used to meet. Edward, who had escaped from prison, is looking to take revenge on Ivan for having abandoned him during the hostage incident that cost him his future. He tries to drown Ivan in a whirlpool of sand, but is stopped by the timely arrival of Kotetsu and Barnaby. After Edward flees, Ivan tells the pair that they shouldn't have saved him, as he deserves Edward's anger. A talk with Kotetsu leads Ivan to change his thinking, and he decides to try and talk Edward out of making another potential mistake by purposefully committing murder.

When Lunatic corners Edward with the intent to kill him for not having completed his sentence, Ivan transforms into his friend and tries to trick Lunatic into shooting him instead. Unfortunately, Lunatic refuses - stating that a sinner would never take responsibility for their actions - and Ivan runs in front of Edward to shield him. Lunatic is just about to kill them both when Kotetsu and Barnaby arrive to confront him. Afterward, when Edward is being loaded into an armored truck that will return him to prison, Ivan blurts out that he will become a real hero and hopes they can be friends again someday. He is both stunned and relieved when Edward thanks him for saving his life before leaving.[4]

Jake Martinez and a City Held Captive[]

When the city officials take too long responding to Ouroboros's demands to release Jake, Hans Chuckman enters Justice Tower to threaten them and is subsequently captured by the heroes. They decide to have Ivan transform into Chuckman and accompany Jake and Kriem to Ouroboros' base so they can discern its location. Everything seems to be going smoothly until, shortly after they arrive, Jake corners Ivan, revealing that he knows that "Chuckman" is actually the hero Origami Cyclone. Ivan attempts to flee, but is stopped by Jake.

Later, when the other heroes arrive, Barnaby stumbles across what appears to be Jake but is in fact Ivan - who had been forced to transform into Jake. Kotetsu, believing it to be the real Jake and concerned that Barnaby will act without thinking, intervenes and "rescues" Ivan. Having sustained considerable injuries, Ivan is subsequently sent to the hospital to recover. He wakes up later, once the hero battles have already begun, and informs the city officials of how they can deactivate the exosuits threatening the city. For the duration of the battles, he remains in the hospital - eventually staying with Keith, Antonio and Kotetsu, following their individual defeats.

Mistaken Memories[]

Ivan is among the group Maverick gathers at a supposed announcement party, which instead serves as a means by which to use his NEXT powers to manipulate the memories of those present. As a result, Ivan's memory of Kotetsu being Wild Tiger is altered so that he considers them two separate people. He and the rest of the heroes are then sent out to capture Kotetsu, who has been framed for the murder of Samantha Taylor. Ivan appears to work together with Pao-Lin in this endeavor, at one point camouflaging himself with a brick wall and wanted poster to sneak up on Kotetsu.

When the heroes manage to surround Kotetsu on Apollon Media's rooftop, Ivan is stunned at the information Kotetsu uses to try and get him to remember: that he has no confidence in his abilities. After the heroes' memories are restored, Ivan and the others are frustrated and confused that they had forgotten Kotetsu and are almost immediately thrown into battle against the False Wild Tiger. Overpowered, they are all captured and locked in separate rooms, each with a bomb strapped around their neck. They are then informed that if one of them pushes the deactivation button, they will be allowed to leave but the others will all blow up. The heroes are given until the conclusion of the battle of Kotetsu and Barnaby vs. the H-01 android to decide - at which point all of them will explode.

The Rising[]

Series Two[]

The heroes get assigned to capture Veron Urbano with his equipment. Yuri asks Origami to transform into Julio Zanini, Veron's right hand man, who is currently in police custody. Disguised, Origami manages to infiltrate it easily, but Mr. Black ends up making a noise and blows up their cover and Veron realizes that Julio is an imposter. They still manage to capture Veron and afterwards, Black apologizes to Origami for endangering him.

While talking about their names, Bison wondered from where Cyclone's name come from, and states while it sounds like typhoon, to him Origami is more like soft breeze, which ended up offending Origami. Origami then keeps avoiding Bison, and on Hero Festival on November 7, after Bison leaves, Origami then comes out of a locker and leaves. Tiger wants to talk with him, but Barnaby stops him, stating he will talk with Origami. He follows him to the train station, where Origami states he is using it to observe humans in order to act better when he copies people. Some fans then recognizes Barnaby and surround him. After the fans leave, they go on a bench, where Origami guesses that Barnaby wants to talk about him and Bison, but Origami can't forgive what Bison said as it felt like he totally rejected who he was. Origami states that his name is his origin story. He explains that his parents told him to not show his powers to anyone, but as kids want to show off, he ended up revealing it in front of friends. However, rumors quickly spread and he was labelled a monster and everyone started to avoid him and he felt being invisible. One day his class went to an overnight camping trip and they were hit a by big typhoon. The adults went out to create a dig to stop the river from flooding the cabin. Origami felt that he must do something and transformed into their teacher and started calming his classmates. Since he was born as superhero in a typhoon, he became Origami Cyclone. Bison apologized without trying to understand why it was important to Origami, but Origami feels it would be weird if he tells him this story, and wonders how they should tell Bison. Barnaby takes a few moments before figuring that Origami wants someone else to tell him the story.

The next day at the gym, after Origami comes, Black tries to make him a compliment and makes some generic statements, as he is bad at it. Origami then suspects that Bison asked Black to talk about Origami's name and is disappointed that he even made others make fun of his name. Bison tries to say it isn't true and Black decided it on its own, but Black explain he just tried to solve their silly stuff. Origami then thinks that Bison finds his name silly and strange, but Bison denies it, saying he heard his story from Barnaby and that Origami used Barnaby to tell him his name meaning. Origami then gets offended even more, and states he will change his name if he hates it that much. Someone also commented on Origami's blog that he isn't living up to his name, so Origami feels he should go with Origami Soft Breeze now, or more like Toilet Paper Soft Breeze.

Origami then runs away and Bison follows him. Outside, they see a bank robbery and rush in. Agnes informs the heroes of an ongoing bank robbery with hostages, but Bison informs her that they are already in the bank. Agnes explains that if they don't film it, they won't be able to air it, but Tiger and Barnaby state that people's safety comes first and they will help out. The robbers drag a kid, who starts crying. Origami copies his mother and wishes to be exchanged for the kid. As the robber agrees, he sees the kid returning to his mother and Origami transforms back to himself and knocks him out. The other robber starts shooting and Bison asks as a shield protecting Origami and the rest of the people. Origami then tells everyone to follow him, but as they are too afraid they don't move. Origami then decides to transform to Barnaby, who the people recognize and start following. While reloading, Bison then takes out the robber and the remaining two try to escape, but Tiger and Barnaby take them out. After the robbers get arrested, Bison apologizes to Origami and states that he is indeed Origami Cyclone, as he made the tide turn in a split second. That makes Origami happy and he forgives him.

After Sky High and Fire Emblem get petrified, Dragon Kid invites Origami to come with her and visit them at the hospital. While there, they encounter Mugan and Fugan, who force them to come with them or they can get innocent people hurt. They take them to a subway station, where after some arguing between themselves, Mugan decides to fight Kid and Origami alone. Kid ends up fighting him, but is unable to hit him. Eventually, she causes a black out, but Mugan states it was pointless as the subways have backup power and the light goes back on. Mugan decides to end it, but then sees a second Kid behind him, who captures his arm and electroshocks him, while the Kid in front of him returns being Origami. They contact the remaining heroes and explains they capture the one that turns invisible. Thomas tells them that this isn't his power, but warping. Mugan confirms and warps behind them and then warps away with Kid and Origami, where they later petrify both of them. When Fugan and Mugan get defeated and Nicolai Brahe dies, Fire Emblem and Sky High return to normal.

While preparing for the fan meeting, Bison wants to give Agnes a merch badge of him and Origami, however, he feels she won't take it. Origami then copies Cain and gets close to Agnes, but then sees on the schedule that Tiger and Barnaby are returning. They go and tell the other heroes, telling them its a big secret, which at first excites the heroes, but then annoys them as they now have to act surprised when they hear about the return. They also see on the schedule that Tiger and Barnaby will come and lie to them. Moments later, Tiger and Barnaby do come and Tiger starts his act, which is quite bad as he ends up even messing up his lines, which leaves the heroes confused and giggling.

When X start appearing, Origami and Bison are send out along the rest of the heroes to stop them. Eventually Tiger and Barnaby reveal that a NEXT is turning people in X. Hearing that Fire Emblem recalls that Ryan had similar incident. Ryan shares that guy that caused his powers to go on a rampage was also one with crazy pompadour and his name is Gregory Sunshine. He adds that by hugging you, he causes the NEXT power to go crazy, however the effects wear off after few hours. Barnaby suggest that his power may have gotten stronger. They show a picture of Gregory to Mattia and he confirms its him who he saw in the laboratory, who stole the NEXT power amplifying drug. The group get excited they managed to identity the prep, but Ryan explains that Gregory is arrested and is in prison right now. Barnaby decides to trust Mattia. They report to the Major, wanting him to confirm if Gregory is still in prison, but he dismisses their claim, stating that there are no reports of prison breaks.

As they are unable to prove it, soon an order is given that all NEXT would be evacuated in designated areas. All heroes, including Origami and Bison have their hero license temporary suspended. They still went after Gregory, but he manages to escape them.

Little before the evacuation, the heroes receive a call from Agnes. Soon prisoners from Abbas Prison become X and break out. Agnes gives the heroes their suits, but explains that if they act on their own, their hero license will be terminated. Without a second thoughts, the heroes dress up and head out to help the people and capture the X. Rock Bison then guesses that Mission A is for Aurora.

While helping people and stopping X, L. L. Audun shows up and fight Rock Bison who falls defeated by Audun. Origami begs him to stand and not give up as he still haven't given him the present. He reveals he knows why he looked for the present since its Origami's birthday tomorrow. Rock Bison then stops him and reveals that he got it wrong and the present he was looking to buy was for Agnes. Cain quickly lowers Rock Bison's volume so that Agnes can't hear him. Bison reveals to Origami that he had feelings for Agnes for years and finally decided to take a move. Bison also agrees he can't give up now and manages to stand and face Audun again, but he and Origami are then defeated by Audun.

Soon Origami and Bison wake up, but as there are too many people needing help, they decide to keep helping people, leaving Audun to Tiger and Barnaby. After Audun, Gregory and Sigourney are stopped, Origami tells Bison to see Agnes today, but Bison doesn't feel ready. He then asks Origami what he likes more, food or clothes. Origami doesn't understand why he is asking him and wonders if he is getting Agnes a second present.


Edward Keddy[]

Edward and Ivan attended Hero Academy at the same time and were best friends. After Edward was sent to prison he blamed himself for not helping Edward, not visiting him out of guilt, and Edward begins to resent him. Ivan believed that Edward should have been a hero instead of him, and was even willing to let Edward kill him to make up for it. After Ivan protects Edward from Lunatic, Edward thanks him.[5] However Ivan is still too unsure and guilty to face Edward afterwards, so uses his powers to disguise himself as a nun. After confiding in Kotetsu he finally goes to visit Edward as himself, and Edward greats him with a smile. Ivan begins to visit Edward on a regular basis, having set aside a specific day to see him.[6] At some point he began sharing new ideas for his hero ruitine with Edward and asking for his feedback.[7]

Barnaby Brooks Jr.[]

Ivan was at the Hero Academy during the same time as Barnaby (though enrolled in the academy before him), and recalls Barnaby being very popular. Little of their relationship from his period is unknown, but it's likely they did interact in some form, as in the original Japanese, Barnaby refers to Ivan as "Origami-Senpai"; an honorific he does not use for any of the other heroes. As work colleagues, their relationship leans positive, with Ivan working together with Pao-lin to get him a birthday gift after hearing they missed out on the surprise party stunt, and supplementary material such as artwork depicting them hanging out together.

Wild Tiger[]

Ivan looks up to Kotetsu as a mentor figure, and often seeks his advice.

Sky High[]

Ivan looks up to Keith as the "King of Heroes", and aspires to be more like him in order to be a better hero himself.

Dragon Kid[]

Ivan and Pao-Lin seem to have a good friendship, despite their age difference. They share a passion for martial arts, which they often practice together.

Rock Bison[]

As Ivan's confidence improves, he begins to spend more time with Antonio and Keith. In Season 2, he's buddied up with Antonio. Initially, there's not a lot of common ground with them and they struggle to understand each other, often jumping to conclusions about the other if someone else isn't there to step in and clear it up.

Abilities and Powers[]

Ivan has the ability to shapeshift into whatever he touches[8]. He can not copy any of the attributes such as strength or NEXT powers of a person he changes into.

Ivan has demonstrated the ability to camouflage himself against a brick wall and wanted poster.[9] This implies that his power isn't limited to living things, and that he is able to shapeshift into various objects and items.

Ivan seems to be quite physically strong, with incredible balance and agility.

He has also demonstrated the ability to use several different weapons, and to pilot a helicopter[10].

Fitting the theme of his costume, Origami Cyclone is skilled in striking Kabuki poses thanks to diligent practice. He always looks for new moves to add to his routine, taking pride in it.

Hero Gear[]

HeroTV Communicator[]

Like all the Hero TV heroes Ivan wears a simple "communicator" wristband which Agnes can use to contact him, usually to inform him of a crime being committed. The other heroes can also use this communicator to call him. Ivan's communicator is white with dark purple-ish bands around the edges.

Hero Suit[]

Origami Cyclone's costume is highly decorative, and filled with logos from his sponsors. On his back is a large shuriken and two swords, and the armor covers his entire body. Starting in episode 14, he gained several more sponsors than he had previously.


His costume also comes with several weapons. He has been shown using shuriken, a pair of swords[11], and the giant shuriken on his back[12].

He can also ride the giant shuriken as a sort of hovercraft[13].


  • He lives in Sternbild's Bronze Stage
  • His strong points are that he's prudent and discreet.
  • His weak point is his negative thinking.
  • His favorite food is miso soup, and his least favorite is raw foods.
  • He's good at letting things go and photobombing.
  • His weaknesses/dislikes are getting yelled at, being praised, attracting attention, and going unnoticed.
  • His hobbies are surfing the net (egosurfing) and playing darts.
  • His future goals are to become a reliable hero, and to become a master escape artist.
  • His motto is "Bring ruination to evil spirits."

  • The name Ivan is a Russian form of the old Slavic name Іѡаннъ (Ioannu), which was derived from the Greek name Ἰωάννης (Ioannes), itself derived from the Hebrew name יוֹחָנָן (Yochanan), meaning "YAHWEH is gracious" from the roots יוֹ (yo) referring to God and חָנַן (chanan) meaning "to be gracious".
    • His surname, Karelin, is also Russian but its meaning is unknown.
  • He has almost exclusively placed last in every season of Hero TV. As he states in heroes day, he was fluctuating between 7th and last in the 1978 season.
  • After episode 14, he has the most sponsors of any hero.
  • His powers are likely based off of X-Men's Mystique.
  • Unlike the other heroes, Ivan does not cause property damage; thus why his sponsors are a bit more lenient with his lack of involvement, so long as he appears on screen to advertise.
  • He appears as a costume for Kyle Dunamis from Tales Of Destiny 2 as part of a collab for Tales Of The Rays.