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Rock Bison
Japanese ロックバイソン
Identity Antonio Lopez
Nicknames Bull Tank of the West Coast
Cow (by Mugan and Fugan)
NEXT Power Impenetrable Skin
Sponsor Company Kronos Foods
Sponsors Gyu-Kaku
Gyu-Kaku Hybrid
アイリスオーヤマ (Iris Ohyama)
油屋清右衛門 (Aburaya Seiemon)
Age 34-35 (S1 Eps 1-13)
35-36 (S1 Eps 14-25)
37 (S1 Ep 25 epilogue, The Rising, S2)
38(S2 Eps 14-25)
Gender Male
Birthday December 3rd[1]
Height 191cm (6'3")[2]
Media Portrayal
Debut Episode 1
All's well that ends well
Seiyū Taiten Kusunoki
Travis Willingham (English)
Aaron LaPlante (season 2) (English)

Antonio Lopez (アントニオ・ロペス, Antonio Ropesu), aka Rock Bison (ロックバイソン, Rokku Baison), is Kotetsu T. Kaburagi's best friend and fellow Veteran Hero. His bull-themed costume includes advertising for Japanese barbecue restaurant chain Gyu-Kaku.


Antonio is tough and usually confident. However, he is often bothered by the fact that he is near-last in the rankings and by his declining popularity. He is often the butt of jokes as a result. He tends to be stubborn, but is caring and very loyal. He enjoys bragging about his power and does whatever he can to earn a name for himself. At one point he becomes so worried and desperate he copied his fellow heroes' schticks[3].


Little is known about Antonio's past prior to the series, other then he grew up in a small town near Kotetsu's hometown and that he was the leader of a small gang in high school for a while. He gained a tough reputation for that, as well as his powers that made him seeingly indestructible.[4] According to watch-party commentary from director Kase, he is 38 years old in season 2. Depending on if accounting for exact birthday or not, Antonio is either a few months


Series One[]

The First Hero Tag-Team[]

Jake Martinez and a City Held Captive[]

Mistaken Memories[]


The Rising[]

Series Two[]

Having new members, Bison tells them that they can count on the older heroes and ask them any question or ask for an advice, but Mr. Black and He Is Thomas and not interested.

Bison calls Tiger and invites him for a drink, stating that he and Origami may break up their team. As Tiger joins him, Bison explains that they talked about their names and Bison wondered from where Cyclone's name come from, and states while it sounds like typhoon, to him Origami is more like soft breeze, which ended up offending Origami. Bison explains to Tiger that he just meant that the way Origami pops in and out the background reminds him of the way the wind blows right past you. Tiger then tells him that after he is sober, he should explain it and apologize to Origami. Bison states he apologizes, but feels he is still mad and won't even look at him. Bison wonders what it means to be partners as he can't understand where to set the boundaries and if its different than being friends. Tiger states its more than friends.

Bison wants to apologize to Origami, but Origami keeps avoiding him. After the Hero Festival on November 7, at the gym, Barnaby tells Origami's story to Bison. Bison didn't knew it meant that much for him and wants to go apologize again, but Tiger and Barnaby stop him, saying he should be more careful, since if he tells it directly, Origami may feel embarrassed and not respond honestly. Black can't concentrate on his workout due to the three old men blabbering silly stuff. He then explains its simple and as he made fun of Origami name, he should just make a compliment about it. Origami then enters and the men panic. Seeing that, Black decides to show them, stating he is good at compliments. However, he directly starts trying to make him a compliment and makes some generic statements, making the rest realize he isn't really good at compliments. Origami then suspects that Bison asked Black to talk about Origami's name and is disappointed that he even made others make fun of his name. Bison tries to say it isn't true and Black decided it on its own, but Black explain he just tried to solve their silly stuff. Origami then thinks that Bison finds his name silly and strange, but Bison denies it, saying he heard his story from Barnaby and that Origami used Barnaby to tell him his name meaning. Origami then gets offended even more, and states he will change his name if he hates it that much. Someone also commented on Origami's blog that he isn't living up to his name, so Origami feels he should go with Origami Soft Breeze now, or more like Toilet Paper Soft Breeze.

Origami then runs away and Bison follows him. Outside, they see a bank robbery and rush in. Agnes informs the heroes of an ongoing bank robbery with hostages, but Bison informs her that they are already in the bank. Agnes explains that if they don't film it, they won't be able to air it, but Tiger and Barnaby state that people's safety comes first and they will help out. The robbers drag a kid, who starts crying. Origami copies his mother and wishes to be exchanged for the kid. As the robber agrees, he sees the kid returning to his mother and Origami transforms back to himself and knocks him out. The other robber starts shooting and Bison asks as a shield protecting Origami and the rest of the people. Origami then tells everyone to follow him, but as they are too afraid they don't move. Origami then decides to transform to Barnaby, who the people recognize and start following. While reloading, Bison then takes out the robber and the remaining two try to escape, but Tiger and Barnaby take them out. After the robbers get arrested, Bison apologizes to Origami and states that he is indeed Origami Cyclone, as he made the tide turn in a split second. That makes Origami happy and he forgives him.

After Sky High and Fire Emblem get petrified, Bison goes to the hospital with Kid and Origami and meets Tiger there. He explains all heroes agreed to stay at the training center while they are not working. Tiger then returns to Barnaby and sees the stuff toys again with Bison's toy on the ground. He quickly calls Bison and informs him about the situation. He then notices that Kid and Origami toys are now on the ground and Bison goes to look for them, but the hospital staff tells him they left with their friends. They later fail to arrive on time and Kid and Origami get petrified.

Bison buys some food for everyone. As he gives Cat some food, he notices she feels down and Cat explains that its her fault that Origami is in this situation and explains that Kid asked her to come to the hospital, but Cat was afraid and Origami volunteered to go with Kid. Bison explains that she shouldn't blame herself as he himself was at the hospital and they still got his partner Origami, and she needs to focus on what she can do for her partner now.

Soon, Mugan and Fugan attack the training facility and the heroes are unable to do anything. Bison asks Blue Rose for a favor and she then goes to distract Mugan and Fugan, who start chasing her. Meanwhile, Bison gathers Cat, Black and Thomas and leads them to a window, telling them that they need to escape. Initially the young heroes refuse, but he tells them that there is no shame in escaping and that at this rate, all of them will be defeated. As he breaks the window, Mugan hears it and goes to check on them. Bison the throws the young heroes out of the window and attacks Mugan. Rose and Ryan manage to defeat Fugan, but Mugan returns and they escape. They return moments later, stronger than before and defeat and petrify Ryan, Rose and Bison. When Fugan and Mugan get defeated and Nicolai Brahe dies, Fire Emblem and Sky High return to normal.

While preparing for the fan meeting, Bison wants to give Agnes a merch badge of him and Origami, however, he feels she won't take it. Origami then copies Cain and gets close to Agnes, but then sees on the schedule that Tiger and Barnaby are returning. They go and tell the other heroes, telling them its a big secret, which at first excites the heroes, but then annoys them as they now have to act surprised when they hear about the return. They also see on the schedule that Tiger and Barnaby will come and lie to them. Moments later, Tiger and Barnaby do come and Tiger starts his act, which is quite bad as he ends up even messing up his lines, which leaves the heroes confused and giggling.

When X start appearing, Origami and Bison are send out along the rest of the heroes to stop them. Eventually Tiger and Barnaby reveal that a NEXT is turning people in X. Hearing that Fire Emblem recalls that Ryan had similar incident. Ryan shares that guy that caused his powers to go on a rampage was also one with crazy pompadour and his name is Gregory Sunshine. He adds that by hugging you, he causes the NEXT power to go crazy, however the effects wear off after few hours. Barnaby suggest that his power may have gotten stronger. They show a picture of Gregory to Mattia and he confirms its him who he saw in the laboratory, who stole the NEXT power amplifying drug. The group get excited they managed to identity the prep, but Ryan explains that Gregory is arrested and is in prison right now. Barnaby decides to trust Mattia. They report to the Major, wanting him to confirm if Gregory is still in prison, but he dismisses their claim, stating that there are no reports of prison breaks.

As they are unable to prove it, soon an order is given that all NEXT would be evacuated in designated areas. All heroes, including Origami and Bison have their hero license temporary suspended. They still went after Gregory, but he manages to escape them.

Little before the evacuation, the heroes receive a call from Agnes. Soon prisoners from Abbas Prison become X and break out. Agnes gives the heroes their suits, but explains that if they act on their own, their hero license will be terminated. Without a second thoughts, the heroes dress up and head out to help the people and capture the X. Rock Bison then guesses that Mission A is for Aurora.

While helping people and stopping X, L. L. Audun shows up and fight Rock Bison who falls defeated by Audun. Origami begs him to stand and not give up as he still haven't given him the present. He reveals he knows why he looked for the present since its Origami's birthday tomorrow. Rock Bison then stops him and reveals that he got it wrong and the present he was looking to buy was for Agnes. Cain quickly lowers Rock Bison's volume so that Agnes can't hear him. Bison reveals to Origami that he had feelings for Agnes for years and finally decided to take a move. Bison also agrees he can't give up now and manages to stand and face Audun again, but he and Origami are then defeated by Audun.

Soon Origami and Bison wake up, but as there are too many people needing help, they decide to keep helping people, leaving Audun to Tiger and Barnaby. After Audun, Gregory and Sigourney are stopped, Origami tells Bison to see Agnes today, but Bison doesn't feel ready. He then asks Origami what he likes more, food or clothes. Origami doesn't understand why he is asking him and wonders if he is getting Agnes a second present.


Kotetsu T. Kaburagi[]

Antonio has known Kotetsu since high school and the two are very close. Antonio heard rumors that Kotetsu was very strong, so sought him out to challenge him to a fight to see who is stronger. Not interested in fighting him, Kotetsu tried to avoid Antonio until a member of Antonio's gang kidnapped Tomoe. When Antonio found out about the kidnapping he teamed up with Kotetsu to rescue Tomoe, and the two became best friends soon after.

Occasionally they will argue and decide to finish the fight to see who is stronger, declaring that whoever wins will be the winner of the argument as well. However, something always interrupts them before they can finish and determine a winner.

When Kotetsu has problems, he occasionally goes to Antonio for advice. When half the heroes were sent to the hospital by Jake Martinez, he could tell that Kotetsu was still injured while the others thought he had completely healed with his Hundred Power.

Abilities and Powers[]

Antonio has the ability to harden his skin, making him impervious to physical attacks[5]. However, even alongside Blue Rose and Sky High, he is unable to stop the ice rink from falling[6] , meaning the strength of his ability is limited to some extent.


Rock Bison's costume/armor gives him the appearance of a bull. He is given the nickname "Bull Tank of the West Coast" because of how he charges through enemies using his thick horns or giant drill shoulders. The drills are functional, and he has been shown to use them to navigate slightly in the air after being launched from his transport vehicle.

HeroTV Communicator[]

Like all the Hero TV heroes Antonio wears a simple "communicator" wristband which Agnes can use to contact him, usually to inform him of a crime being committed. The other heroes can also use it to contact him. Antonio's communicator is white with brown bands around the edges.


  • He lives in Sternbild's Bronze Stage.
  • His strong points are that he has good hand dexterity, is softhearted, and is unexpectedly frugal.
  • His weak points are that he can't eat sweet things and that he slacks off at the end.
  • His favorite food is meat.
  • His least favorite food is sweets.
  • He's good at Judo, carrying luggage, calm self-analysis, identifying the other heroes by their footsteps.
  • His weak points are 'women' and giving gifts that the other party will be pleased with.
  • His hobbies are sewing and drinking and socializing with peers.
  • His future goals are to be #1 in Hero rankings and to get married and have children.
  • His motto is "There are as many women as there are stars, but we cannot reach the stars."
  • He writes back to his fans who send him letters.
  • He likes to watch the night sky.

  • The name Antonio is a Spanish and Italian form of the Roman family name Antonius, which is of unknown Etruscan origin.
    • His surname Lopez means "son of Lope" in Spanish, Lope meaning wolf.
  • His picture on Kotetsu's phone is that of an African buffalo.
  • He and Kotetsu are the only known heroes to have known each other before becoming heroes.
  • There is a similar hero in the manga "Ratman"
  • Like many of the heroes in the series, his powers are similar to those of a Marvel superhero. Antonio's powers are similar to those of Luke Cage.
  • Travis Willingham (Rock Bison's Season 1 voice actor) is married to Laura Bailey (Dragon Kid's Season 1 voice actress).