Mekanikku Saito
Gender Male
Occupation Engineer for Apollon Media
Debut Episode 1
All's well that ends well
Seiyū Hiroshi Iwasaki

Dave Wittenberg(English)

Saito (メカニック斎藤, Mekanikku Saito) is the brilliant tech engineer who created the new armored suits for Barnaby and Kotetsu.


He has a quiet nature, and often can't be heard by his soft whispering - though in front of a telecom, his voice increases ten-fold. Saito is much louder when he is speaking through other devices which irritates the two, and remains quiet in person which gave some difficulty for anyone to hear him. He is very excited and particular about his inventions, as he enjoys showing themoff, bragging about them, having hero experiment with them, and seeing the reactions of people who see his work. He seems to have a mildly rude noisy personality at times, as evidenced when he refers to Ben's car as a dump and once constantly asking Tiger if he was getting sleepy in his new sleep chamber. He its very intelligent and also very careful, helping Tiger and Bunny infiltrate Justice Tower and maneuvering them, along with activating the safety mode of the H 01 models, ultimately saving the hero.


He is an extremely talented inventor. He invented the suits of the hero and also makes other inventions such as a bug spy camera and even figuring out the safety activation of the H 01 robots which were invented by Barnaby's parents. He is also the person to give Tiger and Bunny their "Good-Luck Modes" which does absolutely nothing, but was designed just to make them look cooler in battle which however, the two used it to defeat a diamond-armored NEXT named Pauly.