Samantha Taylor
Age 68
Gender Female
Eyes Blue
Hair White
Blonde (when young)
Occupation Barnaby Brooks Jr.'s Nanny (formerly)
Debut Episode 05
Go For Broke!
Seiyū Yoshiko Takemura

Tara Platt (English)

Samantha Taylor (サマンサ・テイラー) was Barnaby's childhood caretaker. After his parents were murdered, she made a promise to always bake a cake for him on his birthday - a promise she kept as shown when Barnaby's birthday came up in the series. She developed a close relationship with Barnaby which is why he often calls her "obaachan" (auntie).


Mistaken MemoriesEdit

Samantha was one of those Barnaby saw when the image of Jake in his memories began shifting between people. During a phone call, Barnaby questioned her concerning where she had been on the day of his parents' deaths. Samantha believed she had been in bed with a cold, but eventually discovers a telling photograph from the day in question and recalls the truth. Evidently, Maverick had tampered with her memory as well as Barnaby's, as she had been the one with Barnaby that entire day - not Maverick. When she calls Barnaby to tell him of the photograph and subsequently shows it to him through the phone's video linkup, it is enough for Barnaby's recollection of the day to edge closer to the truth.

Later, once Barnaby has seemingly gone missing, Samantha contacts Kotetsu, mentioning a photo that she needs to show him - the same one she had shown Barnaby. She comes to Apollon Media to meet with Kotetsu, but Maverick uses his connections to initiate an incident in the city to keep Kotetsu occupied. Meanwhile, one of Maverick's subordinates tricks Samantha into believing he will take her to meet with Kotetsu when in fact he takes her to Maverick instead. She is subsequently bound and gagged and stored in Maverick's basement until Kotetsu makes the mistake of telling Maverick of his intention to check for Samantha at her house. Maverick then has Samantha killed and frames Kotetsu for her murder.