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Sky High
Japanese スカイハイ
Identity Keith Goodman
Nicknames King of Heroes
Wind Wizard
NEXT Power Wind Manipulation
Sponsor Company Poseidon Line
Sponsors Ustream.tv
Tamashii Nations (Bandai subsidiary)
Gender Male
Birthday November 11th[1]
Height 175cm (5'9")[2]
Media Portrayal
Debut Episode 1
All's well that ends well
Seiyū Go Inoue

Patrick Seitz (English)

Keith Goodman (キース・グッドマン), alias Sky High (スカイハイ), is one of the most popular heroes in Sternbild and was "King of Heroes" for at least two years in a row before Barnaby Brooks Jr. becomes the new "King of Heroes."



Keith is usually depicted as a happy and good-hearted person who places a lot of emphasis on politeness and is often described as an airhead. He often repeats himself, such as in his favorite catchphrase "Thank you, and again, Thank you" (ありがとう、そしてありがとう, Arigato, soshite arigato). He takes being a hero seriously and is a very dedicated hero, going on patrol every night even when he is not on the clock or working. He feels pride in being the King of Heroes but never to the point of arrogance. He always tries to protect people when he can, and his work as a hero revolves mostly around civilian saves.


Currently, all that is known of Keith's past is that his NEXT powers manifested when he was 18 years old.[3]


Series One[]

Jake Martinez and a City Held Captive[]

During the hero battles versus Jake Martinez, Sky High is the first opponent chosen. He assures the other heroes that he will end things quickly, and launches an all-out assault shortly after arriving at the intended battleground. Unfortunately, none of his attacks so much as scratch Jake, who counters back and ultimately defeats him. Jake even manages to break the "horn" on Sky High's helmet. An unconscious Sky High is then seen hanging off the side of a building, his arms chained in a crucifixion-type pose. He is later taken down and brought to a hospital, where he recuperates with fellow injured heroes Rock Bison, Wild Tiger and Origami Cyclone.

The King of Heroes Dethroned[]

At the end of the previous Hero TV season, Barnaby Brooks Jr. has gained more points than Keith and become the King of Heroes. Coupled with the self-doubt he has harbored since his defeat by Jake, Keith falls into a depressed slump and his performance on Hero TV suffers poorly as a result.

While walking his dog, he comes across a young woman in the park whom he assumes to be a newly-awakened NEXT due to her inhuman strength. He starts coming to visit her on a regular basis, falls in love with her, and voices his current worries out loud. Even though she only speaks a few words to him, his interpretation of them leads to him regaining his confidence. Later, when an android causes havoc in the city and both Wild Tiger and Barnaby are unable to defeat it, Sky High steps in. Unaware that the android is actually the woman he had been visiting recently, he succeeds in destroying it.

His faith in his abilities restored, Keith decides to thank the young woman who had inspired him. He buys a bouquet of flowers and goes to wait on the park bench where they had met, but she never comes...

Mistaken Memories[]

Keith is among the group Maverick gathers at a supposed announcement party, which instead serves as a means by which to use his NEXT powers to manipulate the memories of those present. As a result, Keith's memory of Kotetsu being Wild Tiger is altered so that he considers them two separate people. He and the rest of the heroes are then sent out to capture Kotetsu, who has been framed for the murder of Samantha Taylor. Sky High is the first hero to encounter Kotetsu and launches an onslaught of attacks, but is unable to catch him.

When the heroes manage to surround Kotetsu on Apollon Media's rooftop, Keith is stunned at the information Kotetsu uses to try and get him to remember: that he eats the egg yolk before the rest of the egg. After the heroes' memories are restored, Keith and the others are frustrated and confused that they had forgotten Kotetsu and are almost immediately thrown into battle against the False Wild Tiger android. Overpowered, they are all captured and locked in separate rooms, each with a bomb strapped around their neck. They are then informed that if one of them pushes the deactivation button, they will be allowed to leave but the others will all blow up. The heroes are given until the conclusion of the battle of Kotetsu and Barnaby vs. the H-01 android to decide - at which point all of them will explode.

The Rising[]

Series Two[]

When Mugan and Fugan attacked heroes in Oldhabi, Magical Cat comments its a town that Golden Ryan used to work, but he doesn't care. Dragon Kid finds that being cold by him, however, Fire Emblem states its more complicated. They explains that he worked as superhero in Stern Bild for a while, but got an offer from a rich guy in Oldhabi and left to work there. One day, he chased a criminal named Gregory Sunshine, who power was to cause other NEXT to lose control of their powers. He attacked Ryan and caused his power to go out of control and making him take down one of the monuments in town and cut Ryan's back. However, no one came to help him as other heroes saw him as rival and not a teammate. Sky High realizes that's why when Ryan returned to Stern Bild, he said that he felt people here won't betray him.

Sky High and Fire Emblem are labelled as the top superhero buddy duo who will attend the opening ceremony of a new attraction Vinculum.

Fire Emblem wants to speak with Tiger and Barnaby. Fire Emblem explains that ever since they became buddies, they have been more busy, but also became better friends and have time for themselves. Tiger keeps interrupting Fire Emblem guessing what the problem is, but he gets it wrong each time. In the end Tiger states it sounds there is nothing wrong between them and Fire Emblem states that this is exactly the problem and that Sky High is too perfect and is wearing Fire Emblem down as they try to always be good person around him. Fire Emblem wishes to see some of the shortcomings that Sky High has, but they can't just tell him to stop doing right things. Tiger suggests that Fire Emblem should be less careful around Sky High and say what they want to say. Tiger then notices Sky High behind Fire Emblem, who acts weird stating he didn't hear anything and returns a towel to Fire Emblem.

That night, Fire Emblem goes out with Blue Rose and Dragon Kid. They wonder if Fire Emblem should call Sky High, but decides to prioritize their free time as Sky High had suggested. The girls suggest that Fire Emblem talk to Sky High and apologize tomorrow. However, the next morning, Sky High doesn't come for exercise and the girls wonder if its because they stopped Fire Emblem from calling Sky High last night. Tiger suggests that Fire Emblem and Sky High go out for a drink as that will easily solve the problem.

At the opening ceremony, Sky High is a bit late as he was attending another show before that. Fire Emblem tries to apologize, but then Mr. Black and He Is Thomas arrive with their manager, who explains they will be joining them as well. Agnes is against it, but Sky High accepts the help. At the ceremony, the heroes get asked questions by the crowds, but the questions are mostly directed at Barnaby. A woman then wants to all everyone and Mr. Black gets excited there is a question for him, but a man interrupts the woman, stating to curse the heroes. Mr. Black is annoyed from what the man said and yells at him, but Sky High apologizes and wishes to continue, while ignoring the man. He tells Mr. Black that the crowd is frightened and heroes don't act like that. As they prepare to continue, an accident occurs and causes some debris to start falling. Mr. Black uses his shield ability to protect the man. The heroes then start evacuating people, while also dealing with the debris. As a large piece is about to fall and there are still too many people left, Tiger and Barnaby launch Fire Emblem towards Sky High and with combining their powers, they manage to strengthen the structure and stop it from breaking. As they fly, Sky High tells Fire Emblem that he isn't perfect and was trying too hard for Fire Emblem to like him and be good buddies.

After Vincent Carl is arrested, Fire Emblem decides to join Sky High and patrol the streets. Sky High notices that Fire Emblem lies on the ground and wonders what happened. Mugan and Fugan explain they will defeat all heroes and that it was them who beat up Vincent. Sky High attacks them and manages to capture Fugan, but Mugan threatens Fire Emblem and distracted, Sky High gets defeated by a single hit by Fugan and later petrified. When Fugan and Mugan get defeated and Nicolai Brahe dies, Fire Emblem and Sky High return to normal.

When X start appearing, Fire Emblem and Sky High are send out along the rest of the heroes to stop them. Eventually Tiger and Barnaby reveal that a NEXT is turning people in X. Hearing that Fire Emblem recalls that Ryan had similar incident. Ryan shares that guy that caused his powers to go on a rampage was also one with crazy pompadour and his name is Gregory Sunshine. He adds that by hugging you, he causes the NEXT power to go crazy, however the effects wear off after few hours. Barnaby suggest that his power may have gotten stronger. They show a picture of Gregory to Mattia and he confirms its him who he saw in the laboratory, who stole the NEXT power amplifying drug. The group get excited they managed to identity the prep, but Ryan explains that Gregory is arrested and is in prison right now. Barnaby decides to trust Mattia. They report to the Major, wanting him to confirm if Gregory is still in prison, but he dismisses their claim, stating that there are no reports of prison breaks.

As they are unable to prove it, soon an order is given that all NEXT would be evacuated in designated areas. All heroes, including Fire Emblem and Sky High have their hero license temporary suspended. They still went after Gregory, but he manages to escape them.

Little before the evacuation, the heroes receive a call from Agnes. Soon prisoners from Abbas Prison become X and break out. Agnes gives the heroes their suits, but explains that if they act on their own, their hero license will be terminated. Without a second thoughts, the heroes dress up and head out to help the people and capture the X.

While helping people and stopping X, L. L. Audun shows up and easily defeats Fire Emblem and Sky High. Audun goes to defeat other heroes and eventually faces Tiger and Barnaby. Fire Emblem and Sky High wake up, but as there are too many people needing help, they decide to keep helping people, leaving Audun to Tiger and Barnaby. After Audun, Gregory and Sigourney are stopped, Fire Emblem and Sky High thank each other as both felt the other was there for them.

Abilities and Powers[]

Wind Manipulation[]

Sky High is able to create strong gusts of wind on command. This is first seen in episode 1 when he slows the descent of two falling civilians with an upwards gust. His powers were shown even more, during his battle with Jake, he created blasts of winds and a giant spiraling ball of wind. Though he is unable to fly utilizing his powers alone[4], he can float and then maneuver in the air through the assistance of his jetpack.

Hero Suit[]

Sky High's hero suit is similar to the uniform worn by the Rocketeer. Like the Rocketeer, Sky High possesses a jetpack which he uses to fly. His sponsor logos appears on his chest (Ustream) and sleeves (Tamashii Nations).

Like most of the other heroes, his hero suit contains a "Lighting Mode" feature, whereby part of it lights up when his powers are active. The helmet also seems to contain the same sort of information readouts seen in Barnaby and Wild Tiger's visors. The top portion of his helmet was broken during the battle with Jake, but later is repaired with a cog made of the same material that Keith found near the bench Cis sat on. The cog is a piece of her android body. (Shown in the Manga) 

HeroTV Communicator[]

Like all the Hero TV heroes Keith wears a simple "communicator" wristband which Agnes can use to contact him, usually to inform him of a crime being committed. The other heroes can also use this communicator to call him. Keith's communicator is white with purple bands around the edges.


  • His apartment is in Sternbild's Silver Stage.
  • His strong points are that he is sincere and honest.
  • His weak points are that he is bad at lying and gets laughed at when he speaks honestly.
  • His favorite food is curry.
  • His least favorite food is celery.
  • He's good at keeping things tidy and in order.
  • His weaknesses/dislikes are sad documentaries about animals (he cries).
  • His hobbies are walking his dog John and thinking.
  • His future goals are smiles and happiness for all mankind, and for John to get married.
  • His motto is "A hero is not built in a day."

  • The name Keith comes from a Scottish surname that was originally derived from a place name, itself probably derived from the Brythonic element cet meaning "wood".
    • His surname, Goodman, is English.
    • Barnaby's visor display in episode 02 and the recap movie shows Sky High's height as 5'11", but his profile in Tiger & Bunny - The Rising - King of Works data and art book lists Keith's height as 175cm (5'9"). This could be because Barnaby's suit may have counted the length of Sky High's helmet.
      • Alternatively, his height was not set in stone at the time of the episode, or he was intended to be 5'11 at one point but it was decided afterwards that he'd be 5'9 going forward. It could also be an error.
    • He has a Golden Retriever dog named John with whom he often goes jogging.
    • He makes a point of patrolling the city by air every night.
    • When he performs a finishing move or arrives at the scene he shouts "Sky High!"
    • Coincidentally, the Ustream.tv server crashed during the episode where he lost to Jake.[5]
    • He appears as a costume for Victor from Tales Of Xillia 2 as part of a collab for Tales Of The Rays.


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