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Located between the two large rivers, Stern Bild City (シュテルンビルト) is a fictional megalopolis where most of Tiger & Bunny events takes place. It is modeled and based after New York City, though several of its landmarks and buildings appear to reference other real-world locations.

Stern Bild is the most prominent city in the Tiger & Bunny world and has no capital punishment for criminals even if their crimes are serious and punishable.


The city suffered a flood disaster back in the past, leading to the development of its current three-tier construction. The city's three layers are held in place by a series of support columns, and are named Bronze Stage (lowest layer), Silver Stage (middle layer) and Gold Stage (highest layer). The higher the layer, the more opulent the lifestyle. Living accommodations are wide and varied, ranging from apartment complexes to traditional Japanese-style houses in earlier history. In the center of the city is the Justice Tower, which serves as headquarters for the city's heroes. The city's seven major companies (Apollon Media, Helios Energy, Helperides Finance, Kronos Foods, Odysseus Communication, Poseidon Line and Titan Industry) are arranged in a wide circle around the Justice Tower, each also represented by a large statue of a mythological creature/being associated with the company.

These companies each have an area of specialization such as transportation, food, energy, etc., as well as serve as primary sponsors for the city's main NEXT heroes who fight crime.


  • In German, the word "Sternbild" can translate to "Constellation".