There is Always a Next Time
Japanese Title 必ず機会が来る
Kanarazu kikai ga kuru
Episode Number 8
Air Date May 22, 2011
Opening Theme Orion o Nazoru
Ending Theme Hoshi no Sumika
Origami Cyclone, Edward Keddy, Wild Tiger, Lunatic, Barnaby Brooks Jr., Timo Massini
Episode 7
The wolf knows what the ill beast thinks
Episode 9
Spare the rod and spoil the child


The appearance of Lunatic in Sternbild has caused some people to doubt the need for heroes. To restore the people's faith in the heroes, Agnes Joubert sets each of the heroes to do community service type tasks. Keith and Karina visit the elderly, Antonio, Nathan, and Pao-Lin pick up liter, and Kotetsu, Barnaby, and Ivan speak to students at Hero Academy. Ivan confides in Kotetsu about his insecurities, and conflict with an old friend draws Lunatic's attention.