NEXT Power Manipulation of Inanimate Objects
Gender Male
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Debut Episode 2
A good beginning makes a good ending
Seiyū Tsubasa Yonaga
Laura Bailey (English)

Tony is a young NEXT.


Tired of being bullied by Isaac and his friends at school for being a NEXT, Tony used his powers to first smash a billboard featuring Isaac and later to destroy the ice rink where Isaac would be skating.

Wild Tiger saves Isaac and, when Tony explains why he is doing what he is, tells Tony how he went through the same thing. Wild Tiger tells Tony how Mr. Legend saved him and inspired him to become a hero, and convinces him to come down with them so the police can call his parents.

Once they leave, however, the building begins to collapse with Isaac still inside. Blue Rose, Sky High, and Rock Bison all try to hold the building up but are not strong enough. It seems they may be able to hold it with Wild Tiger's help, but he tells them that his powers are about to run out. Wild Tiger calls down to Tony that he is the only one who can help them - he must use his powers to save the day and become a hero. Tony hesitates at first, not believing in himself, then uses his powers to make the Steel Hammer Statue hold up the falling building.

As Tony is leaving with the police Isaac runs to catch up to the car and apologizes, telling him that his powers are actually pretty cool.[1]

Later Tony and Isaac are seen hanging out together, appearing to have become friends.[2]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Tony has the ability to control inanimate objects with his thoughts. So far, he has only been shown to control objects which represent living things, such as a man and a lion.