Tiger & Bunny primarily takes place in Sternbild City, a re-imagined version of New York City. It occurs during NC1977 (NC1978 after the timeskip), but the years don't coincide with the real-world calendar. What "NC" stands for also remains unknown at present, but it likely holds a similar meaning to the real-world abbreviations BC/AD/BCE.



Transportation in the city takes the form of cars, taxis, monorails, passenger ships and airship-blimps - all of which are primarily developed by Poseidon Line. Airship-blimps tend to serve a particular company or advertising campaign, but are also used by Hero TV. Some forms of transportation are shown as being more advanced than others, such as Fire Emblem's hero car - which uses free-balling wheels and active suspension systems to maneuver more skillfully.


Telephones, while ranging in appearance from small cellphones to antique rotary dial models, all have a video feature which allows both parties to see each other while speaking. Modern devices like iPhones and Blackberries are also used, as well as handheld gaming systems. In addition, the city has video recordings viewable in the form of records - the oldest of which is in black and white. Large television screens similar to those found in New York's Times Square adorn the side of several buildings and often serve to broadcast episodes of Hero TV. Despite the city's advanced mass communication technologies, newspapers and magazines are still commonplace.

Nano-technology has been studied for at least twenty years in the city, and is currently used in the construction of hero suits used by NEXT heroes. Additionally, robotic engineering resulted in the creation of an android capable of holding its own against several heroes.


The appearance of individuals with NEXT powers began 45 years prior to the series' start. Their numbers have risen rapidly since then, and they appear all over the world. Abbas Prison was created as a response to an increase in dangerous NEXT criminals, and has cells which are capable of nullifying NEXT powers.

NEXT were originally feared and hated, but Maverick's creation of Hero TV to promote NEXTs as superheroes has greatly improved the public's opinion of them. Prejudice toward NEXTs still exists, but it doesn't appear to be as prominent as it once had been.